The Safety in Sandstone Cars is state-of-the art. Every car produced after 1993 includes these additions.


When plasma technology was introduced in 1949, Sandstone quickly noticed the advantage of plasma. When it was introduced in the commercial market in 1975, Sandstone spent 10 years of testing until it introduced its trademarked PlasmaBelts into cars.

PlasmaBelts are wirelessly-controlled seatbelts that are stronger than regular seatbelts. With the press of a button, PlasmaBelts cross the body like regular belts, but with 3 times the strength.

Rear sensorsEdit

The rear or backend of the car comes with 15 LifeSensors that detect any person or animal over 5 inches high and warn the driver of its presence. The car will even stop automatically if the car is too close.


The plasma shield was introduced in 1995 to rule airbags obsolete. Plasma shields activate during a car crash, and automatically cover areas that might injure the driver.

PlasmaShields do not let the head or any other body part get through until the PLASMA SHIELD RESET button is pressed. Unlike airbags, PlasmaShields do not cost anything to re-install.

Automatic Braking SystemEdit

When a car rolls off the road for 20 feet and is not stopped, the Automatic Braking System will stop the car in its place. The Automatic Braking System works with the GPS system to detect if the driver is on a road or not.

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