Salviana State Route 149 (abbreviated SAL-149) is a state route maintained by the Dragoonasag state of Salviana. It runs from the Almina state line to Salviana State Route 346 near Charleston.

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Construction on State Route 149 began in 1929. Until 1947, State Route 149 ran from the Almina state line to State Route 654. In 1947, the Salviana Department of Transportation planned a new route running from Saltpetre to Charleston, and gave it the designation of "Salviana State Route 149". After discovering an existing route with the 149 designation, the state's Department of Transportation placed "Salviana State Route 149" shields beside the State Route 654 shields from the "Old State Route 149" to Saltpetre, where the newer State Route 149 intersects State Route 654.

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