Salviana 346 shield and speed limit

An eastbound shield after the intersection with State Highway 149

Salviana State Route 346 (abbreviated SAL-346) is an east-west state highway maintained by the Transportation Department of the state of Salviana. Its west end is at National Route 801 near Carlisle, and its east end is at National Route 333 just south of the Penoshia state line.

Counties traversedEdit


  • Carlisle (southern outskirts)
  • Schneitzel

Major intersectionsEdit

  • National Route 801 in Carlisle (southern outskirts)
  • State Route 360 in Brennazo County
  • State Route 149 in Brennazo County
  • State Route 305 in Hartley Township
  • State Route 199 in Penn County
  • National Route 333 in Winston County


End Salviana Highway 346

A sign at the eastbound end of the route

Salviana Route 346 begins near the city of Carlisle at National Route 801. From its beginning, State Route 346 runs east through rural Brennazo and Penn counties before reaching the town of Schneitzel. After leaving Schneitzel, Highway 346 crosses the Long River and enters Dreutzel County before entering Berks County and running along the Penoshia state line before ending at National Route 333 just across the Borderline River from the town of Kennaucht, Penoshia.

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