Salviana State Route 59 (abbreviated SAL-59) is a state route maintained by Salviana's Transportation Department. It runs from the Almina state line to State Route 77 near Reynoldstown. The route is a north-south route.

Counties traversedEdit


  • Burch (city)
  • Wrigley Point (city)
  • Walterstown (city)

Major intersectionsEdit


Salviana State Highway 59 enters Salviana as a continuation of Almina's Stephens County Road 31, and is the only Salviana state route to continue where a county highway left off. The route travels north toward the city of Burch, where it intersects State Route 808 via a four-way intersection. The route continues north, traversing rural Domatorray County. It intersects DI-48 near Koulch via a cloverleaf interchange before passing to the east of Koulch. Upon its entry into Jerridson County, Route 59 intersects the Salviana Turnpike. Route 59 then continues north until its crossing over the Long River in St. John County, where it turns slightly northwest, and then due north. North of Wrigley Point, Routes 59, 68, and 94 turn northeast, continuing in this direction until their ends at State Route 77 in Reynoldstown.

State Route 59 is routed along a mostly two-lane road.

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