Salviana Route 69 shield

A northbound shield after the junction with Highway 62

Salviana State Route 69 (abbreviated SAL-69) is a north-south state route maintained by Salviana's Transportation Department. It connects the cities of Wishington and Mainz.

Counties traversedEdit

  • Worcester County
  • Thiessen County


  • Wishington
  • Lovington
  • Mainz

Major intersectionsEdit

  • State Route 62 in Wishington
  • State Route 2 near Lovington
  • National Route 801 in Mainz

Route descriptionEdit

State Route 69 begins at State Route 62 in Wishington and travels north toward the city of Lovington, and continues toward Thiessen County before turning northeast, continuing in this direction to its north end at National Route 801 in Mainz.


SAL-69 est 1969

A sign at the south end of the route erroneously stating its "establishment" in 1969; 1969 was the year in which the route was proposed.

  • Route 69 was ranked as one of the deadliest roads in Salviana in 2012.
  • The route's number refers to the year in which the route was proposed, 1969. Signs posted at both ends do not directly point this out; the signs rather point out that the route was established in 1969 (see image at right).