Salviana State Route 79 routing

This map shows the routing of SAL-79 (white line).

Salviana State Route 79 (abbreviated SAL-79) is a northeast-southwest route in the Dragoonasag state of Salviana. It runs from the Almina state line to Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 in Winston.

Counties traversedEdit

Cities and towns traversedEdit



SAL-79 begins at the Almina state line and runs northeast through Mobridge. After leaving Mobridge, Route 79 continues northeast toward DI-48. It merges with the freeway for five miles, and then continues its northeast path through Keiston and northern Chupper County before entering Logg County and the town of Satpoule. After leaving Logg County, SAL-79 enters Mercitilli County and merges with State Route 300S. After four miles, SAL-79 continues its northeast into Winston County, then through the town of Euphrates, then toward Home Acre, and continues to its northeast end at DI-92 in Winston.

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