Salviana State Route 83 is a north-south route in the Dragoonasag state of Salviana. It runs from the Carlana state line to the Abercame state line. State Route 83 mainly serves as a scenic road.

Counties traversedEdit


Route descriptionEdit

State Route 83 begins at the Carlana state line near Taccarouma. It then runs northwest for a few miles, then turns due north and runs a few more miles; it then turns slightly northeast and goes through the east side of Vorgettstown. After leaving Vorgettstown, State Route 83 continues through the fields and woodlands of Vorgett County, then enters Thornston County. In this county, it crosses the Long River on the David Lezano Bittz Bridge. State Route 83 continues and crosses the Thornston River and traverses the rolling hills, farmland, and woodlands of Thornston County. The road turns northwest in the north of the county. State Route 83 then continues into Karitz County, and cuts through the county's southwest corner. It then enters Geilles County, briefly turning west, then turning back northwest; it runs northwest for the rest of the way to the state line.

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