Sandstone Blackfire
Manufacturing plant
Top speed
400 miles per hour (offroad)
310 miles per hour (on road)
Base price
JD$60,000 (US$120,000)

The Sandstone Blackfire will be a supercar produced by Sandstone Cars. Reaching speeds of over 400 miles per hour using the in-development 9-series fusion engine, it will be one of the fastest cars ever made in Floyd. Only Racing Incorporated's 1000-A and 1000-X cars will be faster, by about 70 miles per hour.


The Blackfire will run on a 9-series fusion engine, with over 1200 EPM. It will be sold at only 20 select locations across Floyd, with prices ranging from $60,000 - $140,000.

Blackfire: Limited EditionEdit

The limited edition versions of the Blackfire will be the most expensive of all produced. So far, only one special edition version has been announced, but 4 more are expected.

  • Blackfire Derby Version - the 1980s version of the Blackfire will come in a special green color with flame designs painted across. It will cost JD$100,000.

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