Sandstone Bluefire

Sandstone Bluefire

Manufacturing plant
Top speed
230 miles per hour
Base price
JD $28,500

The Sandstone Bluefire will be a luxury minivan by Sandstone Cars. It will be released for the 2008-2014 cycle.


The Bluefire will run on a 6-series 900 EPM fusion engine, capable of 230 mile-per-hour speeds. It will also be Sandstone's 6th minivan.


The seating will be 2+2+3, with folding second and third row seats. Leather seating will be standard on all vehicles, as well as power seats and power windows.

The Bluefire will also include Sandstone's new Sandstone Entertainment System version 3.0. There will be 5 flat-screen touchable entertainment centers throughout the car. Along with the normal features included, the sides of the screen will have two personal air-conditioning vents.


Version Price
Base JD$28,500 (US$57,000)
Cross Country JD$31,000 (US$62,000)
Ultimate JD$35,000 (US$70,000)

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