Sandstone Bluelight

Sandstone Bluelight

Manufacturing plant
Top speed
250 miles per hour
Base price
JD $49,500

The Sandstone Bluelight is a commercial truck produced by the luxury car manufacturer Sandstone Cars. It is powered by a 9-series fusion engine and capable of speeds up to 250 miles per hour.

Interior Edit

The Sandstone Bluelight is available in regular cab and extended cab versions. The regular cab versions seat 2-3 people, and the extended cab versions seat 5 people. All versions of the Sandstone Bluelight feature heated and cooled leather seats, power windows, power seats, and Level 2 Sandstone Entertainment System.

Variants Edit

The Sandstone Bluelight LH (Light Hauler) is the base model Bluelight. It is usually configured as a box truck or stake body (open bed).

The Sandstone Bluelight MH (Medium Hauler) is a larger and heavier-duty variant of the Bluelight. It is usually configured as a box truck, refrigerated box truck, or utility truck with bucket lift.

Sandstone Bluelight MH

Bluelight MH with extended cab and bucket lift.

The Sandstone Bluelight HH (Heavy Hauler) is the largest and most powerful variant of the Bluelight. It is powered by an 11-series fusion engine and features a tandem rear axle. It is usually configured as a dump truck or a base for a truck-mounted crane.

Pricing Edit

Version Price
Bluelight LH JD$49,500 (US$99,000)
LH Extended Cab JD$52,500 (US$105,000)
Bluelight MH JD$58,000 (US$116,000)
MH Extended Cab JD$60,500 (US$121,000)
Bluelight HH JD$67,000 (US$134,000)
HH Extended Cab JD$69,500 (US$139,000)

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Not to be confused with Sandstone Bluefire

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