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JD$121.5 billion (2009)
JD$22.7 billion (2009)
Regions served
All of Floyd
Enigma Cars (servicing the Seally Islands only)

Sandstone Cars is a major luxury car dealer headquartered on Sandstone Cliff in south Jill.


In 1931, Lancer Greener founded Sandstone Cars on the Sandstone Cliff Military Installation. The company's first car, the Sandstone 1935, became an instant hit across the world.

In the 1950s, Sandstone quickly started producing minivans. This addition quickly launched Sandstone to the top of the family cars sector.

Sandstone gained huge profits throughout the 60s and 70s by combining luxury amenities with low-priced cars. By doing this, Sandstone was able to pass by the Jill economy scare of 1972 without losing too many profits.

In the 1980s, Sandstone started looking into the pickup truck line. Their luxury truck line of the 1980s gained them huge income from the Jill Industrial Boom. Also, the company joined with Greenscape Construction Incorporated and formed CircleTriangle Productions

In 2007, Sandstone Cars announced it would go into the limousine, cargo truck, and motorcycle line.

Cars produced by SandstoneEdit

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Since the 1930s, Sandstone has produced over 60 automobiles. Famous cars include the Sandstone Point, a truck that sold over 10 million, and the Sandstone Wave of 1955, a convertible that also sold amazingly.

Enigma CarsEdit

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On August 13, 2007, Sandstone announced it was launching a fully-owned subsidiary, Enigma Cars to serve the Seally Islands. It will run closely with Sandstone, and will follow the Sandstone 6-year program.

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