The Sandstone Cliff Military Instillation (code SCMI57) is a high-tech military center on Sandstone Cliff, Jill. It is the center of all flight and intelligence operations in Jill.


The cliff was useless and empty for decades after it was found. In 1958, when the military was searching for a new flight training center and airport, it stumbled across Sandstone Cliff.

Over 90% of the land was bought by the Jill Government for $JD1.9 million. Throughout the next decade, the operation center was slowly converted into the large complex of buildings.

Sandstone Cars bought a large block of land from the government in 1973 to open its new headquarters and factories in the area. In return, Sandstone Cars also provided all the vehicles for the instillation and built Sandstone Avenue for easier transport.

Since then, the area has slowly grown larger, with the addition of Airfield II and Terminal B1 in 1998.


Currently, the area operates:

  • Jill Intelligence Agency (JIA)
  • Airfield testing facilities A1 and A2.
  • Vehicle Testing Center
  • Jill Department of Geology
  • Jill Environmental Study Center

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