Sandstone Decade
Manufacturing plant
Top speed
180 miles per hour
Base price

The Sandstone Decade is a luxury sedan by Sandstone Cars.

1978 — 1985Edit

The first edition of the Decade was introduced in the late 1970s. The engine was a 4-series 400 EPM.

The car featured a roomy interior with seating for five. The Decade was the first car to include a GPS system. The car came in the following trims:

  • Base
  • BusinessSuite - included tan leather seats and wood paneling
  • Touring - support for extra engine life

After poor sales, the Decade was pulled from the production line in 1985.

Revival: 2005 — 2009Edit

The Decade was reintroduced in 2005 as an extremely rare and limited sedan.

The "new" Decade was packed with a 6-series 800 EPM engine, with seating for 4.

The car is packed with luxuries. Advanced features include four LCD flat-screens, live satellite television, rear air conditioning, power seats equipped in all seats, and a 2 GB hard drive for MP3 playback.

The car currently has only sold 85,000 vehicles, and produced 95,000. Production in recent years has gone like this:

Production of the Sandstone Decade, 2005-2007
2005 2006 2007
30,000 45,000 20,000 (through September 2007)

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