Sandstone Empra

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Manufacturing plant
Top speed
180 miles per hour
Base price

The Sandstone Empra will be a luxury sedan by Sandstone Cars.


The Empra will run on a 4-series fusion engine, capable of up to 800 EPM and speeds of 180 miles per hour.

The interior of the Empra will feature the standard Sandstone Entertainment System. There will be five seats, three in the rear and two up front. All cars will come with power seats and windows, wireless internet connections, and the new Headlight cleaners.

Other versionsEdit

Empra SVEdit

The Empra SV, or Simplified Version, will come without any GPS/DVD player. This is designed for the younger class.

Empra FVEdit

The Empra FV, or Family Version, is a canceled type of Empra. The FV was to come in station wagon only and feature rear DVD screens. It was pulled due to limited design.

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