The Sandstone Point is a truck produced by Sandstone Cars. Launched in 2005, in the 2006 season it sold over 10 million automobiles.

Sandstone Point

The Sandstone Point.


The Point runs on a 4-series 410 EPM engine, capable of 130mph speeds. It is sold as 4-wheel drive only.

The 2-cabin interior features the Sandstone Entertainment System, which includes Global Positing Service, CD/FM/AM player, iPOD dock, heated/cooled cup holders, and DVD player. Power windows and power seats are a feature in all cars.

Leather seats have not been featured many times in the Sandstone truck lines, but the Point makes it imminent.

Cost and SalesEdit

The Sandstone Point sold over 10 million automobiles in 2006 alone, one of the biggest sellers of the season.

The popularity was also thanks to the cost. The average asking price for the Point is $19,500.

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