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Manufacturing plant
Top speed
290-300 miles per hour
Base price

The Sandstone R1X will be a roadster by Sandstone Cars. It will be the first roadster by Sandstone.


The R1X will run on a base 6-series 1100 EPM "Sports" fusion engine, capable of speeds of 290 miles per hour. It will be Sandstone's most powerful engine to date, and their second 6-series engine.

The R1X will come in the colors blue, red, gold, black and silver.


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The R1X will come in 3 editions:

Sandstone R1X editions
Name Description MSRP
Cruiser comes with all basic features and base engine JD$25,000 (USD$50,000)
Racer comes with a 6-series 1300 EPM engine capable of 300 mile-per-hour speeds. JD$26,700 (USD$53,400)
Gold comes with all features, the Racer engine and alloy wheels. JD$28,000 (USD$56,000)


The R1X will come with tan leather seats in all editions. The Sandstone Entertainment System will be present in all three versions. Behind the two seats will be the roadsters' "Easy Access" storage area for small goods.

The R1X will come standard with power seats, power windows, and heated/cooled cup holders. Heated seats are availble in the Racer edition. The multi-entertainment screen will be located in-between the two seats, and will control all comfort aspects, including air conditioning and Sandstone Radio.

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