Sandstone T200
Manufacturing plant
Top speed
250 miles per hour
Base price

The Sandstone T200, known under its design codename "Sandstone Steel," will be a luxury pickup truck by Sandstone Cars.


The T200 will run on a 5-series 1400 EPM fusion engine (singled to only Sandstone Cars) with speeds of 250 miles per hour. The truck will include all of Sandstone's safety features, plus, in association with the Jill government, automatically braking at all red lights.

The T200 is also the strongest truck in the history of the company, capable of towing 12,000 pounds (6 tons).


The T200 will come with the latest version of the Sandstone Entertainment System built in. Leather seats will come standard in all trucks. A 10" LCD entertainment/air conditioning screen will be placed between the passenger seat and the driver's seat. Power seats and windows are also standard.

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