Sandstone Wave II

Sandstone Wave II

Manufacturing plant
Top speed
240 miles per hour
Base price
JD$35,000 (US$70,000)

The Sandstone Wave II, also called the New Wave, will be a convertible by Sandstone Cars. It is to be based on the original Sandstone Wave of the 1950s.


The Wave II will include a 6-series 1000 EPM fusion engine, and, according to Sandstone, will be the fastest sedan in the rotation period.

The Wave II will include all of Sandstone's safety features, plus real-time radar to close the roof when a storm approaches. When on highways and roads, the Wave II will limit the speed to 130 m.p.h. When not on any charted or government-owned road, the Wave II can accelerate to its top speed of 270 miles per hour.

The Wave II will come in 4 editions:

Edition Features
Level1 All standard features.
CityCruiser Special wood trim interior, advanced GPS.
BeachCruiser Special off-road capabilities, advanced GPS, special Creme Beach trim
Ultimate All features, special mixed wood interior trim.

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