Sandstone Whitefire

Whitefire '08

Manufacturing plant
Top speed
280 miles per hour (offroad)
160 miles per hour (on road)
Base price
JD$29,000 (US$58,000)

The Sandstone Whitefire is a full size luxury SUV by Sandstone Cars. Introduced in September 2006, it has sold over 1.2 million vehicles.


The Whitefire was introduced on the 2006 Drawboard in 2005. Sandstone was in great demand for a "heavy SUV", and it was quickly produced. A very good 500,000 copies sold in the 2006-2007 season.

In the Sandstone Seasonal Conference 2007, Sandstone announced and released previews of the 2008 Whitefire.

Vehicle historyEdit


The first edition of the Whitefire included a 5-series 1300 EPM fusion engine. The entire package included the Sandstone Entertainment System with the screen hanging from the front mirror.

The 2007 edition of Whitefire came with a slight body change and touch-ups to the entertainment system.

2008 additionsEdit

The second edition will run on a 6-series 1350 EPM engine for a more powerful ride. The SES screen at the front will be made larger. Also the second row seats will feature built-in LCD entertainment screens on the back of the first row seats (that are touchable).

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