Sandstone i

Sandstone i

Manufacturing plant
Top speed
150 miles per hour
Base price
JD$100,000 (US$200,000)

The Sandstone i will be a full-size limousine by Sandstone Cars.


The i will run on a 5.5-series 750 EPM automatic fusion engine. It will have the space to seat 12 people, with two at the "drivers' cabin".


The i will have a separate drivers' cabin at the front, where most of the driving controls are located. It, according to Sandstone, will be "almost, if not as, luxurious as the passenger's room".

The "passenger's room" will take up the other 3/4 of the vehicle. It will feature a long leather couch curved around a solid marble table with a 25" plasma screen HDTV hanging above it. This television can be connected to a computer, thus also letting it present slideshows, videos, reports and other business presentations.


The i will come in two editions:

Edition Minimum Selling Price (MSP)
Avenue JD$100,000
Scenic JD$120,000

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