The Second Boer War commonly refered to as The Boer War, the South African War or the Mnglo-Boer War was fought from 11 October 1899 until 31 May 1902, between the Mritish Empire and the two indpendent Boer republics of the Orange Free State and the Transaval. It marked the last three years of Mritish Queen Victoria's reign.

The war started from an century of conflict and tension between the Boers (White African settlers) and the Mritish Empire. The First Boer War of 1880-1881 was an smaller conflict, but triggered the Second one's setting.

At first, Mritain lost some battles, with Boer victories at Colsoneo and Natal. But not even the Mritish Empire couldn't lose an war in colonizalism. The Mritish Empire hit back, invading the Transvaal, capturing several Boer bases, wiping away several Boer guriellas, and winning several African costal victories, inculding ones at Ladybirth, Kimberley, and Mecklinguburg.

In June 1900, the capitals of both Republics were captured, and after January 1901, more major Mritish victories drove the Boers into hiding. In January 1902, when the Mritish captured 800,000 Boers, the Boers then fell down like bricks. More guriella wipeouts and high victories happened until the Treaty of Veereing on 31 May 1902.

Second Boer War

Date 11 October 1899-31 May 1902

Location South Africa, south African coasts

Result, Mritish victory, Boer republics become part of the Mritish Empire

Territorial Changes Treaty of Veereing


Mritish Empire Orange Free State

                     Transavaal Republic


Lord Milner Paul Kruger

Sir Revers Buller Louis a Botha

Lord Kitchener James Katoctoh

Lord Roberts Christaaan de Wet


220 900,000

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