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The Senate of the Seally Islands is a group of 8 chairmen who control the Government of the Seally Islands.



In 1938, the Island's attempts at creating a prime minister to head the government failed. The Seally government became unstable, and some thought of creating a board of leaders. The different ideas were put into a vote, the Seally Governmental Future election of 1938. The most favorable outcome was the board of leaders, or the Senate. The Senate was put into power in 1939.

1940 — presentEdit

Over the first two years in power, the Senate had to make difficult decisions. This included the founding of the city of Seally in 1941 after a proposal by David Seally. The Senate also voted to hold Senate member elections every 5 years, with the first election in 1945.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, the Senate made minor changes to the government and was ultimately stabilized. In 1972, when the Jill economy scare of 1972 struck, trade between Jill and Easten fell 68%. Many stock traders were afraid of Seally's own depression. In response, the Senate kept the sea trade moving by demanding more goods from Jill, putting pressure on Jillian industries to export more.

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