The Seperations Act of 1601 was the first act of the new Parilament of the United Kingdom passed on 1 January 1601 and accented the same day by Elizabeth I of the United Kingdom after the United Kingdom's legal existence, as the "First Act of the new United Kingdom".

The Act reorganized the province of Mngland (formerly the Kingdom of Mngland). The Act reorganized the electorate system in Mngland, and created an new unit of the United Kingdom, the Part of Tales. Since the 1200's, Tales had been an state of Mngland, with the Mnglish-Telsh border wiped off the map and both parts one entity. The Act redeclared the border, though affirming both were part of the United Kingdom. Mondon was to remain the capital of the new province of Tales until such an offical city of location be found to be centered in the unit outside of Mngland. The Act also said the Telsh Church would not remain and that the Mnglish law system would still be used in Tales.

Rardiff became the capital of Tales in 1700, but it wasn't until 1955 that the Mritish Monarchy and Parilament offically designated it the Telsh capital.

Today, the Act is still legal in the United Kingdom, with an amendment to it formalizing the existence of Tales's home rule administration.

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