Serena Thorne is a fictional character from the anime-influenced animation, Creature Planet.

Serena Thorne

[[Image:File:Serena’s head|px]]

Rebel City
Episode 9
(unknown deceased mother), (unknown father)

Appearance Edit

Serena is a dark-skinned beauty and wears dark-colored lipstick.

History Edit

Early ChildhoodEdit

Serena was with her father on a trip to buy a historical treasure box, but when Serena had opened it, she saw some blank paper. The paper had the abilities to make anything that was drawn on it to come to life. But soon, she saw some thieves arrived to steal the treasure from her father, so he ran away with the fake, so the thieves will chase him. He left the real treasure chest with his Serena and had her protected by his faithful servant, Winston. During that time, she found out she had to ability to give pictures she created life and which have random powers.

File:Young Serena

Becoming a Hero ArcEdit

Serena met Nathan Legend as a new student of Nathan’s school.

Wilder ArcEdit

Serena fought against Violet and her carnivoruous plants

Carnage City ArcEdit

Winona developed a great friendship with 100% Dove]] after hearing that she also wants to find out what has happened to her family.

Training Islands ArcEdit

In the second part of Specter's training, Serens with Nathan, Dimitri, and Wolfe went to the island without light to shut down the darkness machine.
In the third part of Specter's training, Serena had to get to the goal point which was surrounded by a bunch of trees. It was difficult when using one summon and would get get a headache if she uses more than one summon at a time, but her determination got her to the goal point by sing Nujinko, Octukon, and Hopska hitting at the same spot.

Mysterious Ruins ArcEdit

Neo-Rebel City ArcEdit

File:Serena’s new look

Assassination ArcEdit

Serena had to fight M as Winona and Dimitri were turned into stone statues and was at a disadvantage, since she was turning into a statue.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Serena has wealth which could most likely help provide her friends with what they need. For combat, she relies on the creatures that she draws on one of the Legendary Items: Life Paper.

File:(clockwise) Octukon, Hopska, 1, Fairy, and Nujinko

  1. Scout: a bird that searches for anything up to a 20 mile radius around her.
  2. Nujinko: a masked samurai that fights with two swords.
  3. Octukon: a big octopus used for immobilizing up to 8 opponents.
  4. Hopska: a rabbit wearing a ghee and uses quick melee attacks and has great bouncing abilities.
  5. Fairy: a tiny fairy that scouts and can help put opponents to sleep.
  6. Juice: a blob that transforms into an orb to hide Serena and some her allies in it or can capture some enemies unless they're strong enough to break free.
  7. 7: head of a Cyclops that shoots a large beam.
  8. 8: a snake that she usually wears as a charm, but it can turn into a staff, sword, or whip if her enemy gets too close.
  9. 9: a three-headed monster.
  10. 0: a female robot that shoots lasers smaller than 6, but is fast and can do some melee attacks.

File:6 (left), 7 (right), and 8 (center)