Goddess, personifies as Phoenix
Order, Fire, Air, Birth, Sky, Birds, Disease, Creation, Forgiveness
Goddess Trinity
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Alternate Forms
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Serissona is one of the Goddess Trinity and her primary domain is Order. She represents the extreme opposite of many of her sister Nromrore's domains. She, along with her sisters, govern over the worlds of Dessend and Nurothath, along with others.


Serissona tends to be very serious yet sarcastic. She enjoys organized events and likes to spend among people. She spends her time within the city centers, enjoying the hustle and bustle of peoples busy schedules. She behaves very orderly and seems very reserved. Though when angered, all hell breaks loose.

Role as GoddessEdit

Serissona's role as the Goddess of Order is to keep the world orderly and keep it from falling into total Chaos. She does most of her intervention directly, though it is rare as the people have their own way of keeping order. When she is not opposing her sisters, she works with them to create using their elemental powers. Her role in the creation of land is to shape the rock using wind and sand. Her role in the weather is to provide the heat. Finally, her role in the creation of living creatures is to start them by generating raw life energy to be given form.

Role in WorldsEdit

When she is not fulfilling her duties as Goddess of Order, she often spends her time in the worlds as an officer of the law. She enjoys bringing order and keeping the peace the way the mortals do. She really looks forward to the day she arrests Nromrore when she's playing robber. She also enjoys teaching when she gets the chance.

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