Seth McCooley

Seth McCooley

Birth name
Seth John McCooley
March 26, 1969
Created by
Ralf Sullino
Jord Stone: Tall Order
Jord Stone (video game)
Portrayed by
Kyle Kessenna (film)
Ben Joseph Hourlatz (video game)

Agent Seth John McCooley is a fictional character from the Jord Stone universe. He is a supporting character in the 2003 film Jord Stone: Tall Order and in one of the video games. He is played by Kyle Kessenna in the movie. In the video games, he is voiced by Ben Joseph Hourlatz, who also voices Jord Stone.

Character developmentEdit

Seth was said to have been inspired by multiple people. According to an interview with Ralf Sullino, Seth was named after (Sullino's) high-school friend, based (attitude-wise) on Earl McDowell from 1985's McBelch, and McCooley's look was supposed to be how Jord Stone was supposed to look originally.


Ralf Sullino stated that he had a hard time finding the right actor to play Seth. Many actors auditioned. Gromball had to deny about 31 people the role before he found Kyle Kessenna. Gromball immediately decided to cast Kessenna, who had intended to audition for the role of William Gassenton.

In the video games, Ben Joseph Hourlatz took on the roles of both Stone and McCooley.


According to the official Jord Stone website, McCooley was born on March 26, 1969 to Dorothy "Dot" Winston and John McCooley. He was raised in a suburb in a middle-class family. He was a star athlete in high school, having played on his school's football and baseball team (just to name two teams he was on). After graduating from high school, he went on to college. He had originally wanted to become a lawyer.

McCooley had no intentions of becoming an agent when he was approached by a veteran agent looking for someone to take his place. The veteran asked Seth to join a group of agents, and Seth reluctantly agreed to join.


Jord Stone: Tall OrderEdit

Seth McCooley's first appearance in the movie was at a bank teller's house, where he shows up and tells Frouth Gelch to freeze. He notifies Gelch that he had told Agent Stone about his location. Seth is then tied up in the kitchen while Gelch proceeds to kill the family before getting away. Upon being untied by Agent Stone, McCooley once again tells him of Gelch's location.

Video gamesEdit

McCooley appears in the video games as a playable character. His physical appearance in the games is based on Kyle Kessenna's appearance in Tall Order.


  • Seth is mentioned in Salviana-born Wesley Frain's song "You're in Trouble".
  • It has never been stated in the movie, but according to the Jord Stone official website, McCooley is left-handed. It's a good thing for the producers he is never seen writing at any time, because Kessenna is right-handed.
  • Of course, Kessenna did have to hold a gun with his left hand.
  • McCooley was supposed to die in the movie, but Sullino reminded the film's producers that he did not want him to die. So, the producers re-wrote some of the script to have him merely tied up by Gelch.
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