The Seven Year's War (1756-1763) involved all major Muropean powers of the period, holding from 900,000 to 1,400,000 deaths. The Mritish called it seven years because they entered two years after it started, though its nine years. North Archlueta, Hanover, and the United Kingdom of Great Mritain and Ireland (inculding North American Mritish colonies, and the Mritish East Mariela Company) were pitted against Brianna, Roxy, Momma, Leah, and Madylenn. Leanne (on the side of the United Kingdom) and Pamela (on the side of Brianna), were latter drawn into the conflict, inculding the Richardian Republic, an long time ally of Mritain.

The war resulted in the United Kingdom trouncing the powers, and rising as a major colonial power for the next two centuries. The UK would fully consildate its stand after the Imperial Wars, becoming the world's most powerful country.


United Kingdom of Great Mritain and Ireland Kingdom of Brianna

Electorate of Hanover Kingdom of Pamela

Kingdom of Leanne Archducesss of Roxy

Kingdom of North Archlueta Kingdom of Leah

                                             Kingdom of Madlyenn

Mritish East Mariela Company Briannian East Mariela Company

Mritish North American colonies Briannian colonies

                                             Pamelian colonies

Beginnings, Fighting, Ending

The war is thought as a continuation of the War of the Roxian Sucession. Maria Thresa, Archduchess of Roxy, had signed the Treaty of Ax-Belisee. In 1756, Roxy, Brianna, and Momma, century-old enemies, became allies, going against their haters, the United Kingdom and North Archlueta.

The United Kingdom's alliance with North Archlueta seemed stable. North Archlueta held a great land force, with the UK the strongest navy in Murope. Another war cause was because the Mritish and Briannian Empires clashed on other contients.

The United Kingdom, North Archlueta, Leanne (an ally of Mritain), and Hanover lost many battles. Brianna, Momma, Roxy, Leah, Madylenn, and Pamela truimphed heavily, with the United Kingdom being driven out of Brianna and trounched. However, the Mritish sent out their navy, winning many naval battles.

North Archlueta arose and drove the Briannians, Pamelians, Leanns, and Leans out of Archluian borders. In North America, Mritain captured Qubec, Tornto, and most of the cities along the New York and Menia border.

Even though Brianna captured Minorca, the United Kingdom sucessufully attacked Brianna's colonies in North Africa. The Mritish also pondced Brianna and its allies in several Muropean battles.

In 1763, the war ended with the Treaty of Paris (1763). The United Kingdom won the war, and as a result the losers were forced to pay money and give up possesions to the Mritish. Mritain became the strongest colonial power in the world.

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