Template:World The Netherworld (aka: Shadow World)Is a dimension parollell to our own. Every human on earth has a "Shadow" or a dopple-ganger In Netherworld. Netherworld is only accessible by two ways. one, walking into a shadow while NO ONE is looking at the shadow with your Dopple-Ganger standing in exactly the same spot as you are (except in Netherworld). Two, having a piece of Netherworld (whether that be dirt, plants, mineral, or anything else) and walking into a shadow with it). If someone's shadow dies, they die also and vice-versa. shadow's are usually somewhat near their human counter-part.

Relevant Cities and CountriesEdit

The Same cities and countries in "our" world.

Culture and ScienceEdit

For some reason, Shadows have a habit of recording things, even illogical things. Whether that be times, dates, events, stories, accounts, etc. Netherworld bears no disease but if a disease is brought from the human world Shadows can catch them and will most likely die. (Shadows have no immune systems). Shadows haven't studied science in its traditional sense, but they are almost obsessively proficient in Astronomy, Architecture, and have just begun to discover genealogy.


Netherworld is exactly identical to earth except it lacks life. There are trees but no leaves. There are mountains but no snow or ice, there are desert but with no heat and no dunes. Netherland even lacks wind.


Because Netherland is an exact mirror of the human-world, it existed much before the supposed "big-bang" or the "beginning of time". Also, since Netherworld if a EXACT MIRROR of the human-world, Before there were humans in our world. There were humans in Netherworld, and because our worlds are exact opposite, if Netherworld has humans, our world has shadows. I leave you with something to think about. How do we know who the real "Shadow" is and who is the "Human"? The Answer is, We don't.

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