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Shady Oaks is a major city in Jill. Situated on the Shady Oaks River, 250 miles west of Port Justin, it had a population of 290,500 in 2006.


In the 1850s, Jill was becoming more widely explored. When the current area of Shady Oaks was discovered, most of it was lush forest and marshland. Even though, it was seen as a prime real estate development sure to attract the wealthier population. The government gave Harry Easten permission to found the colony of Shady Oaks.

The town flourished throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s. The surrounding area was so attractive to people that it barely surpassed Port Justin as the largest city in Jill. That didn't last long.

In 1911, the Gold Shores River gold rush exploded, and suddenly Shady Oaks was in the black. with a population of 200,300, Shady Oaks was large - but stopped growing. For years the city was slowly growing, but in over 90 years it only grew by 80,000 people.

Today, the city is beginning to rise out of its depression, especially with the addition of major offices in the CBD.



Shady Oaks has had very poor population growth over the last century. In 90 years, Shady Oaks experienced only +8.5% growth, the lowest in the world.

Population of Shady Oaks since 1850
Year Population
1850 1,600
1860 17,000
1870 89,000
1890 101,000
1900 166,000
1910 200,300
1920 205,000
1940 216,000
1950 222,800
1960 230,000
1970 240,000
1980 266,000
1990 270,000
2000 277,300
2006 290,500
2010 301,000
2020 320,000

The Shady Oaks Regional Census Board manages population growth in Shady Oaks.

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