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Sim Brother is an original SBC reality show, created using the Sims 2. Based on the popular CBS TV Show, Big Brother. The shows premise is based on a group of strangers (the house guests) who enter the Big Brother house, and do not come out until they have either been evicted or won the show. While inside the house, the house guests are completely cut off from the outside world, being watched 24/7 by dozens of cameras and listened to by Big Brother via the many microphones located all throughout the house, even the bathroom is rigged, no privacy is a main theme.

The point to the house guests appearing on the show is to win the half million dollar prize for being the last one standing after 3 months of intense power struggle, described in more detail below. The show has had 2 seasons thus far. All seasons have been hosted by McKenzie Sonade. It is produced by Dan Nazar and shown on SBC exclusively.

Main SeriesEdit

The host has always been McKenzie Sonade. Up until recently the announcer and Big Brother's voice have been the same but SBC replaced Big Brother's voice with a new one, still leaving the announcing voice to be the same both voices from Text-to-Speech sites. The Big Brother voice source was not disclosed, however the announcer's voice is from AT&T.


Sim Brother is a combination of Big Brother USA and UK. Each week the house guests play in a competition to determine a new Head of Household (HoH). The HoH must nominate two of their fellow house guests for eviction. The two house guests then face the public vote to decide which of the two will be evicted. The the process repeats itself until the final 2.

From the USA version, we get the idea of an HoH, and from the UK version we get the idea of a public vote of eviction. The food competitions/tasks are based around the UK version and the luxury competitions are based around the USA version. The house styles have mostly remained very USA.

Veto RemovedEdit

In the second episode of Sim Brother 2 it was announced that the Power of Veto (PoV) was going to "be removed from the game temporarily " we have not seen a veto competition since season 1.

Season DetailsEdit

Season Premiere date Finale date HouseGuests Winner Main Twist
Sim Brother 1 March 27, 2008 January 11, 2009 11 (10 original + 1 intruder) Dallas Wood N/A
Sim Brother 2 February 23, 2009  ? 14 unknown Two is Better Then One
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