Season 3
No. of Houseguests: 11
Winner: Abby
Runner-Up: Eric
Run Time
Began: February 22, 2007
Ended: July 11, 2007

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There are a total of 11 houseguests. Belinda is the twin sister of Linda from Season One. The twist this season is that Abby is playing the game with her sister, Shelby. Every week, the houseguests vote to evict one of their own until one person remains and claims $1,000,000. This is technically the second season, as Season 2 was canceled at first. Like Season 1, This season was removed.

Houseguests[edit | edit source]

Abbas Karim[edit | edit source]

Abbas is a lawyer from New York.

Abby McBlack[edit | edit source]

Abby is a Fashion designer from Phoenix, Arizona.

Alex Banks[edit | edit source]

Alex is a Club Manager from Los Angeles, California.

Belinda Ferenchik[edit | edit source]

Belinda is a special Ed teacher from Toronto, Ontario. Twin sister of Linda from Season One.

Brooke Lyn[edit | edit source]

Brooke is a Sous Chef from St.Cloud, Minnesota.

Chelsea Ariel[edit | edit source]

Chelsea is a Actress from Hollywood.

Nathaniel "Dave" Hemming[edit | edit source]

Dave is a Race car driver from San Bernardino, California.

Eric Parkerson[edit | edit source]

Eric is a College Student from Washington D.C.

Rachel Zulema[edit | edit source]

Rachel is a Gardener from West Chester, Philadelphia.

Ryan Trenton[edit | edit source]

Ryan is a Restaurant Owner from Seattle, Washington.

Shelby McBlack[edit | edit source]

Shelby is a Wedding Planner from Phoenix, Arizona.

Voting History[edit | edit source]

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Abby Safe Safe Head Of
Nominated Dave Nominated Chelsea Nominated Winner
Eric Head Of
Safe Nominated Brooke Chelsea Head Of
Nominated Shelby Runner-Up
Shelby Nominated Brooke Dave Alex Head Of
Nominated Evicted
1 to 0 vote
Chelsea Safe Safe Nominated Brooke Nominated Alex Nominated Evicted
1 to 0 vote


Safe Safe Nominated Abby Head Of
Nominated Evicted
2 to 0 vote
Dave Safe Safe Nominated Head Of
Nominated Evicted
2 to 1 vote
Brooke Safe Head Of
Safe Nominated Evicted
3 to 1 vote
Ryan Safe Nominated Nominated Evicted
19% of vote
Rachel Safe Safe Nominated Evicted
60% of vote
Belinda Nominated Nominated Evicted
90% of vote
Abbas Nominated Evicted
100% of vote
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