abbreviation for 'Sims Next Top Model'

Sims Next Top Model
Sims Reality Series
Youtube users
TheSimsNTM Channel
February ,2010
Key people
Tyra Banks,
"Fierce" Franchesco,
Taylor McGraw
Launch date
February 28, 2010
Inspired By
America's Next Top Model

The Sims Next Top Model (often shortened to Top Model or abbreviated as SNTM) is a reality sim series in which a number of women compete for the title of Sims's Next Top Model and a chance to start their career in the modeling industry. It is strictly for Sims, and is aired on the hit website,

The show was created by Creative director Taylor McGraw and Photographer Franchesco ("The man too sassy for a last name"), and its hosted by former talk-show host and model, Tyra Banks, who also serves as the head judge of the show. The first "cycle" premiered on the youtube channel, TheSimsNTM. SNTM was based off the hit reality show, Americas Next Top Model, (ANTM) which airs on The CW network.

"TheSimsNTM was founded by two of the most fierce names out there in the Fashion Industry, Taylor McGraw and Franchesco. It's been a popular hit on the website for those to make series of actual sims, which is why the two decided it was time for an official top model hit.

Cycle 1Edit


When asked, "Why a youtube hit?", The sassy Franchesco replies, "I do this because it's fun, and if as much effort is going to be put into it, as there is, then I want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy it." The two seem to be really into it. They work hard, and for a first series it's pretty well done.

"Working with the two, oh it's been too much fun." States super model Tyra Banks, "At first I felt weird about it. I mean a sims modeling? But the more we got into it, the more I fell in love." Tyra has been working with the crew for months on the project. Together the three found ladies they thought to be fierce competitors. --- Check in weekly to TheSimsNTM on youtube for new episodes!"
~Anonymous Blogger


  • Ayla Summer, 18, Brooklyn, NY
  • Beverly John, 22, Newport, VT
  • Bonia Merks, 23, San Francisco, CA
  • Camille Pudley, 19, Kingston, GA
  • Cathy Ricks, 19, Delta, UT
  • Debbie Fowler, 20, Magnolia, TX
  • May Samson, 19, Seattle, WA
  • Michelle Rokes, 21, Kerrville, TX
  • Rina LaFrate, 19, Scotia,NY
  • Sheena Pells, 25, Lenexa, KS

Elimination Chart:Edit

Placing Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Ep5 Ep6 Ep7 Ep8
1 Camille Rina Debbie Bonia Michelle Debbie Camille Camille Camille
2 Michelle Bonia Ayla Michelle Rina Camille Debbie Debbie Debbie
3 Debbie Debbie Bonia Rina Debbie Bonia Michelle Michelle
4 Bonia May Camille Debbie Camille Michelle Bonia
5 Rina Ayla Michelle Ayla Bonia Rina
6 Beverly Camille Rina Camille Ayla
7 May Michelle Beverly Beverly
8 Ayla Beverly May
9 Sheena Sheena
10 Cathy
  • White Block - Safe
  • Blue Block - Safe/Won Challenge
  • Violet Block - Eliminated
  • Purple Block - Eliminated/Won Challenge


  • Episode 1: Personality of Persona
  • Episode 2: Posing in Ladder on the Parasuit
  • Episode 3: Beauty Shot with Bees
  • Episode 4: Catfight with Coco Rocha
  • Episode 5: Coffee Commercial
  • Episode 6: Posing on Macau Tower
  • Episode 7: Macau Girls
  • Episode 8: Covergirl Commercial and Print Ad. and Final Runway
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