Contestant Entered Exited Status
Seth Ep 1 Finale Winner
Sierra Ep 1 Finale Winner
Chase Ep 1 Finale Runner Up
Gillian Ep 5 Finale Runner Up
Tristan Ep 7 Ep 22 Eliminated
Lily Ep 1 Ep 22 Eliminated
Hat Ep 11 Ep 20 Eliminated
Courtney Ep 1 Ep 18 Eliminated
Eddie Ep 1 Ep 16 Eliminated
Karen Ep 1 Ep 14 Eliminated
Mack Ep 3 Ep 12 Eliminated
Selena Ep 9 Ep 10 Eliminated
William Ep 1 Ep 8 Eliminated
Brittany Ep 1 Ep 6 Eliminated
Andon Ep 1 Ep 4 Eliminated
Rhianna Ep 1 Ep 2 Eliminated

The show started with 11 people moving in to the hotel. Six were Women and five were men. At the end of each episode starting with episode 2 there was an Elimination Ceremony. The Men had to choose a woman to share rooms with and the one left over would be eliminated. Near the end of the series the remaning six guests paired up and at the Penultimate Elimination Ceremony one couple was eliminated. The final two couples( Final four contestants) were then put into the hands of The jury which consisted of the previous seven eliminated contestants and at the Final Elimination Ceremony The jury voted one couple as the winner and the winning couple won $1000000 to split between them.

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