Simvivor is consist of 16-20 sims out in the wild, the sims are split into 2-4 tribes competing to stay in the game or else, they go to tribal council. Where 1 sim will be voted out. The winner get $1,000,000.

Seasons of Simvivor
Season Castaways Winner
Simvivor: Greece 18 castaways N/A

The castaways will have different names of their own tribe when they merged.

Stages of the gameEdit

Premiere: The sims are going to their tribe home, the sims compete in competitons.

Reward Challenge: The sims will work together in order to win a prize/reward, losing tribe/s get nothing.

Immunity Challenge: The sims still work together in order to stay in the game, they compete for immunity, winners win immunity & is safe, while the losing tribe will go to tribal council where 1 sim will be voted out.

Termination: When sims merged, one day at tribal council. The jury will decide on who will be the next person voted out of the game which is called termination, so the remaining survivors will not vote, so the jury can have revenge to vote out someone.

Finale: The votes of the jury are revealed, the person with the highest vote will win the game.

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