Sky10 is the current version of the Sky operating system .

New FeaturesEdit

Sky Media Manager

Sky Media Manager in version 1.0, showing the advanced Blur interface.

  • Blur user interface - the new “Blur” GUI will remove all desktop components (icons, buttons, StarBar, ect.) with the Sidebar as the main access point for every program and file on the system. The windows will be translucent (40%), as well as the Sidebar. There will be many themes, including:
    • Black & White
    • Ocean Blue
    • Orange Energy
    • Forest Green
    • Fire Red
    • Cream White
  • Sky VirusScanner - a built in virus scanner.
  • Sky Media Manager - the new media center to replace PLAY.
  • ShadowFont - new font design with theme-appropriate shadows.
  • Pearl browser - Sky's newest browser.
  • SVG interface - the first version of Sky to completely use Scalable Vector Graphics in its user interface.

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