Slygo County is a county in the Dragoonasag state of Lohana. The origin of the county's name is unknown, but it was believed to have been in honor of the town of Sligo, Beltan Territory, the hometown of many of the area's early settlers, and over time, the county's name became Slygo. Its county seat is Cloudville.


Slygo County was created in 1825, and was part of the Territory of Chaumaria. In the 1870s, it became part of the Cutra Territory, and in 1989, it became part of the state of Lohana. The county seat has always been in Cloudville.


Slygo County is located in Central Lohana.

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Slygo County had a population of about 15,231 during the last census. Caucasians made up about 83% of the population; Africans made up about 6% of the population; Hispanics made up about 3% of the population; Asians made up about 3% of the population, and Native Parkufos made up about 5% of the population.

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