The Social Welfare Act of 1907 is an Council Law issued and passed by the Royal Council on 8 December 1907, and signed by King Nicholas II of Youngia on 11 December. It was part of the Reforms of 1905-1907.

The Welfare Act establishes the Welfare Standards. These standards determine the amount of money to go to every social rank applying for welfare, the rules for securing welfare for children and the elderly, the rules of proper organization of welfare records, and the rules required to qualify for welfare. The Act extends the Youngian Welfare System, reorganizes proper procedures, and sets out the types of penisions:

  • Emergency Penisions
  • Social Penisions
  • Peasant Penisions
  • Low-Ranking Penisions
  • and Homeless and Desolate Penisions

This Act, with many amendments and repeals, is still in force today in the Kingdom of Youngia.

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