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Souther is in Southern California. It has three areas, Sweet Valley, Beverly Hills, and Peacetown. Souther is also referred to as Kiddieland, because, since 1932, when Souther Chemical Plant opened, every adult has had some kind of job there full time, living there. Kids had to survive on their own, very easily since they have magic powers. Due to this, in 1999, a reality TV show for Nick Jr., Nick, TeenNick, and MTV is filmed there about the three areas filled with magic children.

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  • Sweet Valley

1995 births                                       1991 births

Pre-K Magic in Sweet Valley              The Daycare Wonder Years

Sweet Valley Elementary Rules!          Elementary, My Dear

Sweet Valley Middle School                  It's Our Time

Sweet Valley Teens                             Blossoming

SVU: School Victims University           Souther U

GROAN SCHOOL?                              GRD SKOOL RLS

School's Out 4Ever                                All Done

Settling Down                                       The Goldens

  • Beverly Hills

1994 births                                            1990 births

Hangin' on to Those Sesame Years         PBS: Pretty Big- School!

SVE < BHE                                           Primary is Prime

Hi, Junior High!                                       Little Squawk

Jr. High, We Bid You Adieu                     Hawks Rule

High School Never Ends                          The Wonderful Wizard of Souther

Graduate to Grad                                     The Grad Years

Is This Were We Get Old?                        The Golden Years

  • Peacetown

1994 births                                               1990 births


It's Just Elementary                                   The Era of Elementary

Middle School Misfits                                 Middle School Morons

High School Hellions                                  High School Bites

College Cool                                              On Campus

Grad Great                                                 Do We Have To?

Old Schmold                                               Oldies

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