Spencer Kroeber


Birth Name
Spencer Randall Kroeber
February 9, 1967 (Aged 45)
Voice, Guitar, Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Clavinet, Synthesizer
Years Active
1982-1990 (American Rebelz)

1991-Present (Solo)

2003-2005 (Black 'n White Checker Band)
Current Spouse
Tianna Kroeber

Spencer Kroeber (Born February 9, 1943) is an American Musician, Singer, Pianist, Composer, and Keyboardist for American Rebelz from 1982-1990 and Black 'n White Checker Band from 2003-2005.

Early Life and CareerEdit

Kroeber is of African-German Descent with his Mother and Writer Schann Kroeber, being of German Descent and his Father and Political Activist, Quinn Bemina being of Burundi Descent. He was raised in the suburb of Lawrenceville, Minnesota and attended the Lawrenceville High School where he met with future band mate Patrick Krieger, whom he called "A Very Special Character". He got out of High School and made way into the band Patrick Krieger started a year before called the Revolution. The band changed their name into the American Rebelz and began recording under the label Sovereign Records, receiving more fame under their album, "American Highways".

After the Death of Krieger, Kroeber left the band a persued a Solo Career in Classical, Jazz, and Rock Music. He composed Two Symphonies, Three Different sets of Nocturnes, and over 50 Piano Sonatas. He recorded more than 50 different albums and made a cameo in the movie, "Not Much Older" as a Delivery Guy for a brief moment, experimenting with the different Music Styles such as Funk, Electronic, Progressive Rock, Pop Music, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, and Soul.

Late CareerEdit

Kroeber helped form a group called the Black 'n White Checker Band which lasted for a short while and still performs some of his classical pieces while recording albums. He is scheduled for a Worldwide tour and plans to record five more albums. He is also currently learning how to play the guitar.

Personal LifeEdit

Kroeber has Three Cats and Two dogs and lives with current spouse Tianna Kroeber, an Actress and T.V. Personality. He has Two Children and lives in his home in Quillberg, Zicil.

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