Round 1: Admission (Auditions)Edit

The Judges will visit a variety of cities where they have prearranged meetings with the most talented people that city has to offer. Each contestant will have 2 minutes to sing for the judges for their application. Once the judges have heard everyone they will then announce which singers have been accepted as students, and which have been rejected. The best singer in each city will receive 'Grade A' and be automatically immune from the next rounds elimination (Round 2: The First Day).

Atlanta, GeorgiaEdit

Order Applicant Age Occupation Results
1 Brittany Newmark 14 Middle School Student Rejected
2 Patterson Lewis 16 High School Student Rejected
3 Nichole Lewis 17 High School Student Accepted
4 Vinea Jones 52 Custodian Grade A
5 Spencer Hamilton 22 Barista Rejected
6 Anwar Johnsyn 24 Musician Accepted
7 Marco Zahn 25 Tattoo Artist Rejected
8 Nicholaous Fenerly 19 Unemployed Accepted
9 Charity Perry 20 Hair Design Student Accepted
10 Erinly Foreigner 19 Stay-at-Home Mom Accepted
11 Heather Gallant 46 Nurse Wildcard
12 Paul Glastau 40 Police Officer Accepted
13 Nadyne Harrison 27 Voice Teacher Rejected

Miami, FloridaEdit

Order Applicant Age Occupation Results
1 Brieanna Cohen 24 Pageant Coordinator Wildcard
2 Robert Hartman 21 Model Accepted
3 Carolynne Hernandez 46 Real Estate Agent Accepted
4 Whitney Pope 24 Bartender/University Student Accepted
5 Cornelius Smith 19 University Student Rejected
6 Wanda LoPapa 52 Italian Resturant Owner Rejected
7 Mallory White 15 Middle School Student Grade A
8 Carlos Longheed 17 High School Student Rejected
9 Keif Morrison 18 High School Student Accepted
10 Franky Kyle Scott 19 High School Student Accepted
11 Viviana Morales 25 Boutique Manager Accepted
12 Scottie Day 25 Day Care Co-Owner Accepted
13 Cynthia Day 27 Day Care Co-Owner Accepted

New York City, New YorkEdit

Order Applicant Age Occupation Results
1 Brittany Newmark 14 Middle School Student Accepted
2 Rachelle Newmark 45 Dental Hygentist Grade A
3 Mark Daley 19 Fast Food Clerk Accepted
4 Jodi Lau 29 Singer/Song Writer Rejected
5 Becky Uno 14 Home Schooled Accepted
6 Ulysses Camamena 30 Tech. Support Rejected
7 Markus Greene 27 Substitute Teacher Accepted
8 Natalie Bland 17 High School Student Accepted
9 Hannah Bland 14 Middle School Student Accepted
10 R.J. Yorke 25 Club Promoter Accepted
11 Stephane LeBlanc 31 Language Teacher Rejected
12 Jorge Ruiz 50 Former Air Force Pilot Rejected
13 Danielle Rivera 8 Elementary School Student Wildcard
14 Dante Colley 19 Swim Coach Accepted
15 Dennis Kendall 20 Production Assistant Accepted

Dallas, TexasEdit

Order Applicant Age Occupation Results
1 Celly Fischer 19 University Student Accepted
2 Jalen 20 Singer Accepted
3 Malachi Nachk 24 Accountant Accepted
4 Ainslie Perel 19 Freelance Writer Accepted
5 Pippa Fullarton 18 Model Grade A
6 Chris Manning 24 Personal Trainer Accepted
7 Robynne Health 34 Mechanic Accepted
8 Tyler Driscoll 19 Musical Theatre Student Accepted
9 Dyana Lisa Moore 50 Interior Decorator Wildcard
10 Seamus Leeman 17 Student/Video Game Designer Accepted

Los Angeles, CaliforniaEdit

Order Applicant Age Occupation Results
1 Leeanne Grant 19 Shift Supervisor Rejected
2 Meagan Grant 19 Cashier Rejected
3 Jennifer Grant 47 Music Teacher Rejected
4 Dave Freshmen 24 Waitor Rejected
5 Kimberly Lindsay Neese 40 Writer Advanced
6 Laura Poliotti 19 High School Student Advanced
7 Francesca Poliotti 17 High School Student Wildcard
8 David John Gregg 20 Lumber Yard Worker Rejected
9 Jean-Guy Robichaud 15 Middle School Student Advanced
10 Marta Cooke 23 Law Student Advanced
11 Kristin MacLean 24 Singer Grade A
12 Matty Donaldson 19 Dancer Advanced
13 Rian Honorson 19 Artist Quit

Wild CardEdit

Order Applicant Age Occupation Results
1 Heather Gallant 46 Nurse Rejected
2 Brieanna Cohen 24 Pagent Coordinator Accepted
3 Danielle Rivera 8 Elementary School Student Rejected
4 Dyana Lisa Moore 50 Interior Decorator Rejected
5 Francesca Poliotti 17 High School Student Accepted

Round 2: The First Day - The First Test (Top 42)Edit

Each of the accepted students preform for the judges where they will receive a passing grade, or a failing grade. If the student fails the test they are eliminated from the competition. 

Order Student Results Order Student Results
- Vinea Jones Immunity 17 Natalie Bland Fail
Mallory White 18 Hannah Bland Pass
Rachelle Newmark 19 R.J. Yorke Fail
Pippa Fullarton 20 Dante Colley Pass
Kristin MacLean 21 Dennis Kendall Pass
1 Nichole Lewis Fail 22 Celly Fischer Fail
2 Anwar Johnsyn Fail 23 Jalen Pass
3 Nicholaus Fenerly Pass 24 Malachi Nachk Fail
4 Erinly Foreigner Fail 25 Ainslie Perel Fail
5 Paul Gastau Pass 26 Chris Manning Pass
6 Robert Hartmann Fail 27 Robynne Health Fail
7 Carolynne Hernandez Fail 28 Tyler Driscol Fail
8 Whitney Pope Pass 29 Seamus Leeman Pass
9 Keif Morrison Pass 30 Kimberly Lindsay Neese Pass
10 Franky Kyle Scott Pass 31 Laura Paliotti Fail
11 Viviana Morales Fail 32 Jean-Guy Robichaud Fail
12 Scottie Day Fail 33 Marta Cooke Pass
13 Cynthia Day Pass 34 Matty Donaldson Fail
14 Brittany Newmark Fail 35 Brieanna Cohen Pass
15 Mark Daley Fail 36 Francesca Poliotti Pass
16 Becky Uno Pass 37 Markus Greene Fail

Round 3: The Duels (Top 22)Edit

The singers were told to pick duet parnters, little did they know they'd be dueling against them to continue on.

Order Student Result VS Student Result
1 Dante Colley Advanced Kimberly Lindsay Neese Eliminated
2 Marta Cooke Eliminated Chris Manning Advanced
3 Becky Uno Advanced Mallory White Eliminated
4 Rachelle Newmark Advanced Jalen Eliminated
5 Paul Gastau Advanced Cynthia Day Eliminated
6 Whitney Pope Eliminated Hannah Bland Advanced
7 Francesca Poliotti Eliminated Franky Kyle Scott Advanced
8 Nicholaus Fenerly Advanced Pippa Fullarton Eliminated
9 Dennis Kendall Advanced Vinea Jones Eliminated
10 Seamus Leeman Advanced Kristin MacLean Eliminated
11 Brieanna Cohen Eliminated Keif Morrison Advanced

Round 4: Celebrity Crash Course (Top 11)Edit

Round 4 consists of many different mini-rounds, each teaching the contestants one thing or another about the entertainment industry. The judges then award Grade A to one of the contestants, granting them immunity for performing the best. At the end of each round the public votes, and the contestants who earn the lowest amount of votes are put on Academic Probation. From there the judges deliberate and decide which student will be expelled from Star Academy.

Mini Round 1 (Branding):Edit

Order Student Voting
1 Becky Uno 4th
2 Chris Manning 8th
3 Dante Colley 10th
4 Dennis Kendall 1st
5 Franky Kyle Scott 5th
6 Hannah Bland 7th
7 Kief Morrison Grade A
8 Nicholaus Fenerly 2nd
9 Paul Gastau 6th
10 Rachelle Newmark 9th
11 Seamus Leeman 3rd
Expulsion Chamber
Results: Chris Manning Eliminated
Dante Colley Bottom 3
Rachelle Newmark Bottom 2

Reason for Elimination: The judges felt that Chris didn't have the personality or the charisma to truly become a stand out celebrity.

Mini Round 2 (Stage Presence):Edit

Order Student Voting
1 Becky Uno 6th
2 Dante Colley 3rd
3 Dennis Kendall 8th
4 Franky Kyle Scott 9th
5 Hannah Bland 7th
6 Keif Morrison 2nd
7 Nicholaus Fenerly 1st
8 Paul Gastau Grade A
9 Rachelle Newmark 5th
10 Seamus Leeman 4th
Expulsion Chamber
Results: Dennis Kendall Eliminated
Franky Kyle Scott Bottom 3
Hannah Bland Bottom 2

Reason for Elimination: The judges felt that Dennis was both boring and forgetable.

Mini Round 3 (Media Training):Edit

Order Student Voting
1 Becky Uno Grade A
2 Dante Colley 3rd
3 Franky Kyle Scott 7th
4 Hannah Bland 1st
5 Keif Morrison 8th
6 Nicholaus Fenerly 4th
7 Paul Gastau 2nd
8 Rachelle Newmark 5th
9 Seamus Leeman 6th
Expulsion Chamber
Results: Franky Kyle Scott Eliminated
Keif Morrison Bottom 3
Seamus Leeman Eliminated

Reason for Elimination (Franky): The judges felt after two consecuative bottom fan vote placements, that he just didn't have enough supporters.
Reason for Elimination (Seamus): Lacked potential.

Mini Round 4 (Commercial Appeal):Edit

Order Student Voting
1 Becky Uno 1st
2 Dante Colley 5th
3 Hannah Bland 3rd
4 Keif Morrison 2nd
5 Nicholaus Fenerly Grade A
6 Paul Gastau Eliminated
7 Rachelle Newmark 4th
Expulsion Chamber
Results: Dante Colley Bottom 2
Rachelle Newmark Eliminated

Reason for Elimination (Paul): Received the least amount of public votes.
Reason for Elimination (Rachelle): The judges felt her personality was a turn-off and that the public wasn't supportive of her.

Mini Round 5 (Star Quality):Edit

Order Student Voting
1 Becky Uno 5th
2 Dante Colley 4th
3 Hannah Bland 2nd
4 Keif Morrison 3rd
5 Nicholaus Fenerly 1st
Expulsion Chamber
Results: Becky Uno Bottom 2
Dante Colley Eliminated

Reason for Elimination: The judges felt the didn't have enough fan support to make it in the industry.

Mini Round 6 (Career Longevity):Edit

Order Student Voting
1 Becky Uno 4th
2 Hannah Bland 1st
3 Keif Morrison 2nd
4 Nicholaus Fenerly 3rd
Expulsion Chamber
Results: Becky Uno Eliminated
Nicholaus Fenerly Bottom 2

Reason for Elimination: Judges felt like she was just too young.

Round 5: Finale (Top 3)Edit

Student Final
Keif Morrison Winner
Nicholaus Fenerly Second
Hannah Bland Third

Elimination TableEdit

Note: Bottom 2 indicates that the contestant was 'saved' last. This may or may not indicate his or her actual vote rank.

Female Male SemiFinalist Finalist Winner
Safe Bottom 3 Bottom 2 Eliminated
Stage: Auditions Semi-Finals Finals
Week: Top66 Top44 Top22 Top11 Top10 Top9 Top7 Top5 Top4 Top3
Place Contestant Result
1 Keif Morrison A B3 Win
2 Nicholaus Fenerly A Elim
3 Hannah Bland B2 Elim
4 Becky Uno A B2 Elim
5 Dante Colley B3 B3 Elim
6 Rachelle Newmark A B2 Elim
7 Paul Gastau A Elim
8 Seamus Leeman Elim
9 Franky Kyle Scott B3 Elim
10 Dennis Kendall Elim
11 Chris Manning Elim
12-22 Jalen Elim
Brieanna Cohen Wildcard
Kristin MacLean A
Vinea Jones A
Pippa Fullarton A
Francesca Poliotti Wildcard
Whitney Pope
Cynthia Day
Mallory White A
Marta Cooke
Kimberly Lindsay Neese
23-42 Markus Greene Elim
Matty Donaldson
Jean-Guy Robichaud
Tyler Driscol
Malachi Nachk
R.J. Yorke
Robert Hartmann
Mark Daley
Scottie Day
Anwar Johnsyn
Laura Paliotti
Robynne Health
Ainslie Perel
Celly Fischer
Natalie Bland
Brittany Newmark
Viviana Morales
Carolynne Hernandez
Erinly Foreigner
Nichole Lewis
43-46 Heather Gallant Elim
Danielle RIvera
Dyana Lisa Moore
47-64 David John Gregg Elim
Dave Freshmen
Jennifer Grant
Meagan Grant
Leeann Grant
Jodi Lau
Ulysses Camamena
Jorge Ruiz
Stephane LeBlanc
Wanda LoPapa
Cornelius Smith
Carlos Longheed
Patterson Lewis
Spencer Hamilton
Marco Zahn
Nadyne Harrison
Rion Honorson WD
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