Round 1: Admission (Top 50)Edit

The 50 best singers from across the country were flown out to the Star Academy campus where they preformed for the judges who then determined if they were Accepted or Rejected.

Order Applicant Age Occupation Results
1 Natalie Bland 18 High School Student Eliminated
2 Matthue-Pierre MacLeod 24 Musician Eliminated
3 Courtney Short 19 Bikini Model Advanced
4 Natalie Moon 26 Singer/Song Writer Eliminated
5 Brenden Sparks 24 University Student Eliminated
6 Nick McNamara 27 Record Store Owner Advanced
7 Cline Sandhu 20 Model Advanced
8 Ashley Kate Finnigan 19 Student Eliminated
9 Jensen Bobby 24 Motivational Speaker Advanced
10 Brittany Newmark 15 Middle School Student Advanced
11 Jeff Ryan 27 Construction Worker Advanced
12 Richard Williamson 70 Retired Pilot Eliminated
13 Austin Drakus 21 Unemployed Eliminated
14 Rachel Cormier 19 Stage Performer Advanced
15 Max Didomenicantonio 16 High School Student Advanced
16 Cindy Delamore 42 Bankteller Advanced
17 Lachlan Noble 24 Retail Salesman Advanced
18 Damiel Shaw 18 Student Advanced
19 Heidi Lucas 19 Barista Eliminated
20 Jalen 21 Star Academy 1 Reject Eliminated
21 Vinea Jones 53 Custodian Advanced
22 Greysen Swift 12 Elementary School Student Eliminated
23 Orlando Pipton 15 High School Student Eliminated
24 Amber Chapman 19 Singer Advanced
25 Jessica Bloom 20 Blogger Eliminated
26 Ryan Jaymes 26 Musician Eliminated
27 Kyler Scott 19 Stay-at-Home Dad Eliminated
28 Oliver Sebastian 30 Doggy Day Care Owner Eliminated
29 Sylvester Tyler 18 Unemployed Advanced
30 Brittney Windsor 24 Singer Eliminated
31 Juan Costello 14 Middle School Student Advanced
32 Stefano Costello 34 Retail Management Advanced
33 Bridget Giselle 18 Cashier Eliminated
34 Sophie Kim 22 Musical Theater Performer Advanced
35 Noland Wong 22 Musical Theater Performer Eliminated
36 Paul Wiskers 18 Salesman Eliminated
37 Dontae Ruiz 34 Car Detailer Advanced
38 Langley Fielder 30 Photographer Eliminated
39 Ebony White 23 Hair Stylist Advanced
40 Danielle Rivera 9 Elementary School Student Eliminated
41 Jared Yates 20 University Student Eliminated
42 Clare Boucher 17 High School Student Eliminated
43 Stevon Cruikshank 24 Surfing Instructor Eliminated
44 Calvin Underwood 45 Inventor Eliminated
45 Bruno Hernandez 19 Singer Eliminated
46 Jennifer Grant 48 Music Teacher Eliminated
47 Rebecca Kelly 10 Elementary School Student Advanced
48 Paige Q. 20 YouTube Singer Eliminated
49 Kristen Black 19 Cashier Advanced
50 Malachi Nachk 25 Accountant Eliminated
  • America was permitted to vote for each and every eliminated contestant to determine who rounded out the Top 22. American brought Jalen back into the competition.

Round 2: The Test (Top 22 Part 1)Edit

The Test (challenge) was to have the Top 22 flowing on and off stage at different times during a public event. The 2 contestants who commanded the stage and had the biggest impact on the audience receive Immunity from the Duels, and were guaranteed a spot in the Top 12.
Immunity: Lachlan Noble & Courtney Short

Round 3: The Duels (Top 22 Part 2)Edit

Order Student Result VS Student Result
1 Stefano Costello Advanced Jensen Bobby Eliminated
2 Amber Chapman Advanced Nick McNamara Eliminated
3 Cindy Delamore Advanced Max Didomenicantonio Eliminated
4 Rebecca Kelly Advanced Brittany Newmark Eliminated
5 Vinea Jones Advanced Ebony White Eliminated
6 Sylvester Tyler Advanced Rachel Cormier Eliminated
7 Sophie Kim Eliminated Kristen Black Advanced
8 Cline Sandhu Eliminated Juan Costello Advanced
9 Damiel Shaw Eliminated Dontae Ruiz Advanced
10 Jeff Ryan Advanced Jalen Eliminated

Round 4: Celebrity Crash Course (Top 12)Edit

Mini Round 1: Media TrainingEdit

Order Student Voting
1 Amber Champan 2nd
2 Cindy Delamore 5th
3 Courtney Short 4th
4 Donate Ruiz 3rd
5 Jeff Ryan 9th
6 Juan Costello 7th
7 Kristen Black Grade A
8 Lachlan Noble 6th
9 Rebecca Kelly 1st
10 Stefano Costello 10th
11 Sylvester Tyler 11th
12 Vinea Jones 9th
Expulsion Chamber
Results: Jeff Ryan Bottom 2
Stefano Costello Bottom 3
Sylvester Tyler Eliminated

Reason for Elimination: Judges felt he was the weakest of the 3.

Mini Round 2: PersonalityEdit

Order Student Voting
1 Amber Champan 5th
2 Cindy Delamore 10th
3 Courtney Short 1st
4 Donate Ruiz Grade A
5 Jeff Ryan 9th
6 Juan Costello 2nd
7 Kristen Black 8th
8 Lachlan Noble 6th
9 Rebecca Kelly 3rd
10 Stefano Costello 7th
11 Vinea Jones 4th
Expulsion Chamber
Results: Cindy Delamore Eliminated
Jeff Ryan Bottom 2
Kristen Black Bottom 3

Reason for Elimination: The judges felt she had her "star moment" too late.

Mini Round 3: BrandingEdit

Order Student Voting
1 Amber Champan 7th
2 Courtney Short 1st
3 Donate Ruiz 3rd
4 Jeff Ryan 2nd
5 Juan Costello 8th
6 Kristen Black 5th
7 Lachlan Noble 9th
8 Rebecca Kelly 4th
9 Stefano Costello 6th
10 Vinea Jones Grade A
Expulsion Chamber
Results: Amber Chapman Bottom 3
Juan Costello Bottom 2
Lachlan Noble Eliminated

Reason for Elimination: The judgest thought he was fading into the background too much.

Mini Round 4:VoiceEdit

Order Student Voting
1 Amber Champan Grade A
2 Courtney Short 6th
3 Donate Ruiz 1st
4 Jeff Ryan 8th
5 Juan Costello 7th
6 Kristen Black 3rd
7 Rebecca Kelly 2nd
8 Stefano Costello 5th
9 Vinea Jones 4th
Expulsion Chamber
Results: Courtney Short Bottom 3
Jeff Ryan Eliminated
Juan Costello Eliminated

Reason for Elimination: The judgest thought Jeff and Juan lacked public support.

Mini Round 5: Stage PresenceEdit

Order Student Voting
1 Amber Champan 6th
2 Courtney Short 2nd
3 Donate Ruiz 3rd
4 Kristen Black Grade A
5 Rebecca Kelly 5th
6 Stefano Costello 4th
7 Vinea Jones 1st
Expulsion Chamber
Results: Amber Chapman Eliminated
Rebecca Kelly Eliminated
Stefano Costello Eliminated

Reason for Elimination: The judgest felt as though Rebecca didn't stand out, and that Amber & Stefano both had no chance of winning.

Mini Round 6: Commercial AppealEdit

Order Student Voting
1 Courtney Short 3rd
2 Donate Ruiz 1st
3 Kristen Black 4th
4 Vinea Jones 2nd
Expulsion Chamber
Results: Courtney Short Bottom 2
Kristen Black Eliminated

Reason for Elimination: The judgest thought Kristen struggled the most out of the bottom 2.

Round 5: Finale (Top 3)Edit

Student Final
Courtney Short Winner
Vinea Jones Second
Dontae Ruiz Third

Elimination TableEdit

Note: Bottom 2 indicates that the contestant was 'saved' last. This may or may not indicate his or her actual vote rank.

Female Male SemiFinalist Finalist Winner
Safe Bottom 3 Bottom 2 Eliminated
Stage: Auditions Semi-Finals Finals
Week: Top50 Top22 Top12 Top11 Top10 Top9 Top7 Top4 Top3
Place Contestant Result
1 Courtney Short WIN SAFE B2 B2 Win
2 Vinea Jones A Elim
3 Donate Ruiz A Elim
4 Kristen Black A B3 A Elim
5 Stefano Costello B3 Elim
6 Amber Chapman B2 A Elim
7 Rebecca Kelly Elim
8 Juan Costello B3 Elim
9 Jeff Ryan B2 B2 Elim
10 Lachlan Noble WIN SAFE Elim
11 Cindy Delamore Elim
12 Sylvester Tyler Elim
13-22 Jalen Wildcard Elim
Max Didomenicantonio
Damiel Shaw
Cline Sandhu
Nick McNamara
Jensen Bobby
Sophie Kim
Rachel Cormier
Ebony White
Brittany Newmark
23-50 Matthue-Pierre MacLeod Elim
Brenden Sparks
Richard Williamson
Austin Drakus
Greysen Swift
Orlando Pipton
Ryan Jaymes
Kyler Scott
Oliver Sebastian
Noland Wong
Paul Wiskers
Langley Fielder
Jared Yates
Stevon Cruikshank
Calvin Underwood
Bruno Hernandez
Malachi Nachk
Natalie Bland
Natalie Moon
Ashley Kate Finnigan
Heidi Lucas
Jessica Bloom
Brittney Windsor
Bridget Giselle
Danielle Rivera
Clare Boucher
Jennifer Grant
Paige Q.
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