Strange Intellectual

SI Cover6

May 11, 2012
winter-spring 2012
alternative hip-hop, gangsta rap, political hip-hop, G-Funk, Latin Hip-Hop, contemporary R&B, freestyle rap

Strange Intellectual: The Lingwistix Album is the debut solo album by Lingwistix of BTP Stoop Kids.


Strange Intellectual was conceptualized by Lingwistix shortly after the release of his first EP, Read My Spit. It was conceived to hold more personal and introspective lyrics.

The album incorporates Lingwistix's expressed interest to experiment with things not regularly done in songs from BTP Stoop Kids. The includes the exploration of other music styles, guest artists, singing, whistling, and rapping in other languages.

Track ListingEdit

1. In This Womb
2. Out This Womb (feat. Knife Man)
3. Re-up
4. Slipstream Smoke
5. Awakening
6. Shaun White
7. Not Uncommon (feat. Grows Cjollen)
8. Fetch Me Wine
9. Strange Intellectual
10. Paid Programming (feat. Knife Man)
11. Space Out
12. Neosporin (feat. Knife Man)
13. Potential
14. We Out Here (feat. KAHN-rad)
15. Viceroy
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