Sarkosky, Merkel

45th Munich Security Confrence, 2009: Dr. Angela Merkel (left), Chancellor of the Empire, in conversation with Nicholas Saroksy (right), the Stteinese President. (Note the microphones to translate their Stteinese and Germanian languages).

Stteinese-Holy Germanian Relations is a cooperation between Steenia and the Holy Germanian Empire. This began in the early 1900's after two centuries of enmity.

In the Capitalist Economic Union, the cooperation between the countries is extremely high in areas of collobration and coordination. Although Holy Germania refuses to give up it's currency, Stteinese-Germanian agreements have furthered the ideals of Capitalist intergration.

Steenia and Holy Germania are the most enthusatic proponents of increased Capitalist economic and politcal cooperation. They are heavy military and finanical allies and fully support themselves in cultural terms.

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