New Herswick's Honourable
Stuart Fahlay

Stuart Fahlay, PM of New Herswick

Birth name
Stuart Eustace Fahlay
24 August 1956, in Tyrocas, New Herswick
22 May 2008 (aged 51) in Newfield, New Herswick
Term as Prime Minister
12 January 2001 – 22 May 2008 (his death)
King Howard II
Queen Claire III
Political party
Deanna Huldrick (1992–2008)(his death)

New Herswick's Honourable Stuart Eustace Fahlay (24 August 1956 – 22 May 2008) was a politician from New Herswick. He served as Prime Minister from 2001 until his death in 2008. Upon his death, he was replaced by Zakou Dylan Charano. Fahlay was a member of New Herswick's Tairon Party, which gets its name from the native word for "leader". He was married to socialite Deanna Huldrick from 1992 to his death.

Early lifeEdit

Fahlay was born on 24 August 1956, in the small coastal town of Tyrocas, in southern New Herswick, to Wendy and Alberto Fahlay. He attended school in Newfield and was a good student[1]. In 1972, he played soccer for the Newfield Academy Stars. After graduating from Newfield Academy, he attended the University of New Herswick, Newfield (UNHN), where he studied law and politics. After Fahlay graduated from UNHN, he went on to pursue a career in politics.

Political careerEdit

In 1985, Fahlay was elected the tiroukha (mayor) of Newfield, and held the position until June 1988.

In 1988, Fahlay was the Tairon candidate for the 1988 election for Prime Minister of New Herswick. Fahlay and the Tairons hoped to win, but the Zakous had the majority in the Lower Chamber, thus candidate Thomas Caesna became Prime Minister.

In 1991, Fahlay was appointed as New Herswick's ambassador to the Vathau Islands. Fahlay held this position until 2000.

In 2000, he was once again the Tairon candidate for an election. Unlike in 1988, he was elected Prime Minister because the Tairons outnumbered the Zakous in the Lower Chamber.

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