Stuffiny city
(Stuffiny City)
Nickname: Stuff city
Motto: "We get...Uh... stuff done!"
Founded March 19, 2011
 - Type Democracy
 - Mayor John Thingy
 - Vice Mayor Conch Cookoo
 - City Manager Billy Willy
 - Assistant City Manager Bob on the Cob
 - City 30,000 km²  (11,583.1 sq mi)
 - Land 129,499.4 km² (50,000 sq mi)
 - Water 90,000 km² (34,749.2 sq mi)
 - Metro 414,398.1 km² (160,000 sq mi)
Elevation 35 m (114.8 ft)
Stuffiny City
Properties Population and and cultural increase
Operation Construction
Materials used 230,000 ibs. steel, 9,000 ibs. wood



In January 9, 2010, a group of politicians calling themselves the Crazyist, decided to spread their beliefs of Comedy and a simple lifestyle through a city. Many people began suggesting names for the settlement, but it wasn't until Febuary 6 that Stuffiny City was chosen as a the name. Construction began 2 days later, and in was completed in March 19, 2011.

The first citizensEdit

After it's completion, Stuffiny city was ready to be populated. And by April 1, the first 47 inhabitants moved in. It took some time, but eventually the first Crazyist approved bussinesses were formed. Such as Popcorn, Gorrila Goatees, and the Spinach Factory.

Days of GloryEdit

As the influence of Crazyist grew stronger, more and more people moved in. By October 19, the population was almost 300,000! Every day, you could see more people wearing Goofy hats, Clown costumes, and driving cartoony cars! The economy began to rise as well, with new bussinesses being formed daily!



The health ratio of Stuffiny City's population as generally high, as sick people feel they dond't deserve to be crazy, and tend to stay away from the city.


There is no crime in Stuffiny city, as everyone likes having fun too much to think about any grudges or desires.


Many political parties are jalous of the Crazyist success, so every four years or so there might be a raid. So the millitary is decent, but not too high, since people usually feel bad about ruining their fun.

The main reason Stuffiny city would even have an army is because it doesn't really belong to any other country. So the mayor is also the ruler and his advisors are his senate.

John Thingy seems to favor the Infantry most, but only because of their ridiculous uniforms. And of course their vehicles, bases, and even the generals look hilarious.