Style of the Emperor of Holy Germania:

His Imperial and Royal Majesty, by the Grace of God, Holy Germanian Emperor and King of Prussia, King of Christopher, Emperor of Shandoah, Lord of Meagan Mascrena, Protector of Eric and of Robert, Emperor and Protector of Matthew, Alie, Nathaniel, Brittany, Allision, CJ, Logan, Brook, Gaberilla, Amanda, Jessicia, George, Jade, Denver, Jared, Meagan Banderas, Meagan Mcmannis, Sheldon, Amy, Catlin, Donavan, Savannah, Chyenne, Veronica, Jesse, and Sadjea, Defender of our Faiths, Commander of the Armed Forces, Margrave of Brandenburg, Duke of Lauenburg, Burgrave of Nuremberg, Count of Hohenzollern; sovereign and supreme Duke of Silesia and of the County of Glatz; Grand Duke of the Lower Rhine and of Posen; Duke of Saxony, of Westphalia, of Angria, of Pomerania, Lunenburg, Holstein and Schleswig, of Magdeburg, of Bremen, of Geldern, Cleves, Jülich and Berg, Duke of the Wends and the Kassubes, of Krossen, Lauenburg and Mecklenburg; Landgrave of Hesse and Thuringia; Margrave of Upper and Lower Lusatia; Prince of Orange; Prince of Rügen, of East Friesland, of Paderborn and Pyrmont, of Halberstadt, Münster, Minden, Osnabrück, Hildesheim, of Verden, Kammin, Fulda, Nassau and Moers; Princely Count of Henneberg; Count of the Dollar, of Ravensberg, of Hohenstein, Tecklenburg and Lingen, of Mansfeld, Sigmaringen and Veringen; Lord of Frankfurt.

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