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Survivor is where 16-20 people are splited to 2 tribes or 3. Every after 3 days, a person will be eliminated from the competition (In season 3, 6, & 9, the percentage of voting back a tribe member). After 39 days, one person will become $1,000,000 richer & hold the title as the sole survivor. The jury which are 7-9 jurors will help decide the winner.

Chart BelowEdit

The chart below represents the seasons of the survivor game. There will be different charts, it changes after a special event happens in survivor. The seasons are changing, & the process is still okay.


  • Due to not having internet connection, this on the internet, I still working in Survivor: Vanuatu, but due to that problem, I had to cancel that season. So I not skip to Survivor: Palau. Vanuatu voting history section is not shown after this problem. Survivor: Vanuatu is part of the special events no more. This the first time that happened.
  • Survivor: Japan was actually suppose to be in the 4th season, but doing 2 times, a problem occured, it can not finish, so there is no more 3rd time, it was replaced with Survivor: Bahamas which is suppose to be the 5th season before Survivor: Amazon.
  • Costa Rica wasn't suppose to be a season of Survivor, but the Survivor Japan problem, made Survivor Costa Rica the 12th season of Survivor.


Seasons Castaways Season Number
Survivor Borneo 16 castaways 1st Season
Survivor Australia 16 castaways 2nd Season
Survivor Africa 16 castaways 3rd Season
Survivor Bahamas 18 castaways 4th Season
Survivor Amazon 17 castaways 5th Season
Survivor Thailand 16 castaways 6th Season
Survivor Pearland 16 castaways 7th Season
Survivor All-Stars 18 castaways 8th Season
Survivor Vanuatu 18 castaways 9th Season/N/A
Survivor Palau 20 castaways 10th Season
Survivor Guatemala 16 castaways 11th Season
Survivor Costa Rica 16 castaways 12th Season
Survivor Cooklands 20 castaways 13th Season
Survivor Fiji 19 castaways 14th Season
Survivor China 16 castaways 15th Season
Survivor Micronesia 20 castaways 16th Season
Survivor Gabon 18 castaways 17th Season
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