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1 "Here We Go Again" - Greg

Two boats race into view from the east and west. The red boat carrying the Chapera tribe holds, Natalie, Celene, Brad, Ricky, Cassatee, and Timothy. The green boat carries the Mogo Mogo Tribe, consisting of Jamar, Rachelle, Alexas, Greg, Troy, and Bianca. Both arrive on the Survivor beach at the exact same time, the castaways exit their boats and step on their respective tribe mats. Jeff Probst welcomes them and says they are among 12 of the best to ever play the game. Jeff warns the contestants that this game is one like no other, and will hold many twists and turns, then tells them it's time for the first one. As he points up a helecopter flies into view from over the island trees. As it lands the castaways are told to welcome the third tribe of the game, Saboga. For the first time in Survivor history there are three tribes, the third consisting of Justin, Monica, Ashley, Scott, Colby, and Sarah. Everyone's shocked.

At Saboga, things get off to a rocky start. Ashley isn't happy with her tribe as she voices in a confessional that she feels she is on the weakest team. Monica isn't happy about Ashley being on her team, due to her reputation and negative attitude. Sarah and Justin quickly reconnect and form the seasons first alliance. Colby wants Sarah out due to already winning the show before.

Over at Mogo Mogo, things run pretty smoothly as the shelter is put together rather quickly. The team talks about the other returning players, and all agree they're happy they don't have to live with Ashley. Greg, Troy, and Jamar talk about the girls on their tribe being a liability. Greg voices his concerns about Bianca.

Meanwhile at Chapera, Natalie knows two things as a returning player. Strong alliances form day 1, and that there's usually a Hidden Immunity Idol. Natalie connects with Cassatee after playing together in Brazil. Natalie reveals in a confessional that she finds Cassatee annoying, but that she knows she can trust her. The two head out to find the Hidden Immunity Idol. Celene and Ricky flirt on the beach. Celene says in private she knows from her season that a showmance can blind those involved, and hopes to use that on Ricky to her advantage.

Mogo Mogo & Saboga win Immunity!

Chapera is dreading Tribal Council. In a confessional Celene voices that nobody wants to be the first voted off. Celene and Ricky talk down at the beach about the upcoming vote, Ricky thinks the best play would be to eliminate Cassatee, who he saw as the weakest link. Celene agrees. Celene approaches Natalie about the idea, Natalie agrees, but then runs to Cassatee about the upcoming problem. Cassatee devises a plan to blindside Brad, for being the biggest threat. Natalie and Cassatee approach Timothy. They tell him to tell Brad to vote Celene, while Celene and Ricky vote for Cassatee, they'll have majority to oust Brad. Brad is blindsided.

2 "Not My Cup Of Tea" - Timothy

Returning from Tribal, Chapera is a mess. In a confessional Natalie says that it was one of the craziest Tribal Councils she has ever attended. Celene straight up asks Natalie in front of the entire group why she lied to herself and Ricky. Natalie gives the cliche answer of doing what was best for her game, which does not please Celene. Ricky calls her a snake and leaves the scene threatening he'll explode at her if he didn't. Celene and Ricky spend the night on the beach. Timothy feels comfortable with all the surrounding drama.

At Mogo Mogo, Rachelle and Alexas are becoming quick friends, while Bianca is feeling like an outsider. Bianca reveals she thinks she'd be voted off, and that Rachelle and Alexas seem to have no interest in her whenever she approaches. Greg also notices how close Rachelle and Alexas have gotten saying they do nothing but hang out together, almost as if they have no interest in playing the game. Alexas complains about the heat, Troy and Jamar contemplate voting her out despite her strength in challenges.

Over at Saboga, the alliance of Sarah and Justin deicde to pull in Colby. Their first two targets are Scott, the weak link, and Ashley, the annoyance. Scott says living with Ashley is even worse than living with the girls he did in his original season. Monica is reaching her wits end with Ashley. Monica approaches Sarah for an alliance, saying she respects her and her gameplay. Sarah likes Monica, and takes the deal saying it could be a back up.

Mogo Mogo & Saboga win Immunity!

Chapera is heading back to tribal and the team as a whole are not happy. Natalie, Timothy, and Cassatee discuss the idea of voting out Celene, and keeping Ricky for strength. The whole time Natalie and Cassatee make some less than nice comments about Celene and Ricky. Timothy reveals in a confessional that, that's his final straw as he no longer wants to associate with that, but unfortunately he has no chance to talk to Celene and Ricky before heading to Tribal Counicl. At Tribal Timothy announces he no longer wants to work with the girls, and asks Celene and Ricky to work with him in front of the group. Celene and Ricky are hesitant and think he's just fishing for information to use a possible Idol. Ricky and Celene stick with their plan and vote Natalie. Timothy votes Cassatee, and Cassatee and Natalie flip and vote for Timothy. There is a tie between Natalie and Timothy. Natalie is eliminated in the revote.

3 "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - Celene

(Chapera) Returning to camp, Timothy jokingly says she cannot deal with this seasons Tribal Councils. Timothy hugs Celene, and Ricky, and thanks them for voting to save him. Ricky appologizes for distrusting him, and said he hopes that Timothy can see where they were coming from. Cassatee feels alone, and knows she needs to find the Idol if she wants to stay in the game. Without even a confirmation there really is an Immunity Idol she runs into the woods after it. Cassatee finds the idol. Back at camp Celene worries about Cassatee. Cassatee has been gone awhile and Celene knows from seeing Cassatee play that she gets uptight when she's not in control.

At Mogo Mogo spirits are high coming first in the first two Immunity Challenges. Bianca approaches Greg about the growing friendship between Alexas and Rachelle. Greg knows that Bianca is just trying to save herself as she is near the bottom, but listens to what she has to say regardless and feels she makes some good points. Greg comforts her by saying she might not be as out of the game as she thinks, and that everyone realizes how little Alexas and Rachelle do around camp.

Over at Saboga, Monica and Ashley are both laying in the shelter. Ashley is bad-mouthing Scott, while Monica stays silent. Monica knows she can use what Ashley is saying as amo, but is worried she might be grouped with Ashley, and quickly leaves the scene. In a confessional Colby says he finds the team dynamics interesting, and says the first Tribal Council should make a lot of things clear.

Saboga & Chapera win Immunity!

Returning to camp, Bianca knows she is in hot water but after her earlier conversation with Greg, knows she has a fighting chance. Bianca reapproaches Greg and asks him about the possibility of keeping her. He tells her that her best bet would be to target Rachelle, as Alexas is needed for challenges, and that he'd support her. Later on Bianca notices Jamar, Troy, and Greg talking on the beach. She joins them and throws out the idea. Jamar says that he cannot guarantee her anything, but that he hears her out and thinks she has the right idea. Alexas and Rachelle notice at camp that everyone's missing, which causes Alexas to go into panic mode. She eventually see's everyone on the beach, and tells Rachelle that she doesn't think things are good for them. Rachelle is voted off.

4 "What Just Happened?" - Alexas

(Mogo Mogo) Coming back to camp Alexas is alert, and knows she has to play it cool. After everyone puts their belongings down she asks what happened that night. She tells Bianca it's nothing against her, and says she understands what they did. Alexas tells them that she just wish she was given a heads up and hopes that she's not on the outs. The next day Alexas talks to Troy. He tells her it wasn't an attack on her, and that she doesn't need to be worried. Troy reassures Alexas that Bianca is the next to go, and they move on with their day.

At Chapera, Celene and Ricky spend the day lying around in the shelter. Timothy is less than impressed. In a confessional Celene says she thinks she might be accidently falling for Ricky, but makes sure to point out it might not necessarily be a bad thing. Celene and Ricky share their first kiss. Cassatee spends some more time looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol. To her satisfaction she finds it. Cassatee celebrates and declares that it could be her million dollars.

(Saboga) Since winning survivor Sarah has started a family, and admittedly talks about her daughter a lot. Which drives Ashley crazy. Ashley pokes fun and mocks Sarah by doing impersonations to Monica, while fetching some water. In a confessional Ashley states she trusts Monica the most, and that Monica is the only girl in the game she can currently tolerate. Upon returning Monica relays some of Ashley's words to Sarah, due to their alliance. Sarah claims she's not surprised, and is a little pissed off.

Mogo Mogo & Chapera win Immunity!

Returning to camp Sarah claims in a confessional that the vote will be between Scott and Ashley. Justin, Sarah, and Colby discuss the toss up. Sarah tells the two boys on a personal level she wouldn't mind seeing Ashley leave, but Scott would weaken the team if he was to stay. Justin insists that they need to play strategically and not personally. Ashley asks Monica what she has heard, and Monica tells her that it's Scott. Which Ashley is okay with. In the end Scott is the fourth person to leave the game.

5 "Oh My God!" - Sarah

Upon Scott being voted out, Mogo Mogo and Chapera both join Saboga at Tribal Council. They are welcomed in by Jeff Probst and are all confused as to why they have all been brought together. Jeff reveals that the three tribes are about to now become two. Sarah expresses the most shock. He reveals that since Chapera has lost the most challenges, that Chapera will be no more and the 4 remaining members will be absorbed into Mogo Mogo and Saboga. Rocks are drawn and Ricky and Timothy join Saboga, while Celene and Cassatee join Mogo Mogo.

(Saboga) Returning to camp, Sarah shows Timothy and Ricky around. In a confessional, Ricky says he feels like a sitting duck. Ashley whispers to Monica about the two of them being "guests." Colby and Justin talk in the woods about the new addition. Justin says that obviously at first glance they'd be first to go, but insists that maybe they'd be better to keep around than a few of the weaker players. Colby continues by saying that Ashley should be the next to go, and that they could even afford to lose Monica. Colby's only worry is trust.

Arriving at Mogo Mogo things are a bit more awkward. Celene and Cassatee are left to look around themselves, while the original Mogo Mogo members head to the ocean for a swim. Cassatee's anxiety is starting to bother her about the situation, and feels that she can play Celene's romance with Ricky against her. Celene knows that, that's exactly what Cassatee will probably do. In the ocean, the former Mogo Mogo tribe agree's to stick together to vote off the new editions. Alexas is thrilled and feels as if she has new life in the game.

Saboga wins Immunity!

The new alliance of the original Mogo Mogo members meet in the woods for a quick huddle. They agree that Celene is the weakest of the two, and that she needs to be voted off. Later on, Alexas pulls Celene and Cassatee to the side. She tells them that she's on the outs of Mogo Mogo, and that she knows once they're gone that she was next. She suggests they make a move to take out either Troy, Jamar, or Greg as they are in control. Alexas tells them the only problem is they need Bianca's vote, but doesn't know if they can get it. Cassatee knows she has her Idol, but doesn't know if she wants to sacrifice it. In the end Cassatee decides to use it, but doesn't tell anyone incase Alexas was just fishing for information. The votes against Celene are nullified. Troy is eliminated.

6 "I Recognize That Glare" - Ashley

(Mogo Mogo) Celene immediately pulls Cassatee aside upon returning to camp and thanks her. She appologizes for doubting her in the past and tells her that she will have her 100% loyalty from that point on. Alexas joins the two and exclaims "oh my god!" and gives the two a hug. Bianca, Greg, and Jamar sit back at camp. Greg cannot believe Alexas gave up her spot in a strong alliance for just an even divide. Bianca agrees not understanding why she'd jump ship if she wasn't going to have the numbers. Before the sun is up the next morning Cassatee is up and out looking for the newly hidden Idol. Unfortunately she has no luck finding it.

At Saboga Ricky is extremely worried for Celene, and believes she was likely the castaway voted off. Timothy comforts him and suggests Cassatee could have just as likely have left. Sarah pulls Monica aside and warns her that she's been spending too much time with Ashley. Monica says she was worried she might get associated, but promises that she has no alligance to her. Sarah says she believes her, but tells her that she could be burrying herself if she doesn't soon stop. Ashley has a moment by herself sea side, but quickly collects herself. She says later in a confessional that she just hasn't been enjoying the experience as much this time around, and that the conditions are hard to live with. She says a good cry helps to clense and that she'll be back at 100% the next day.

Mogo Mogo wins Immunity!

Returning to Saboga, Ricky and Timothy are certain one of them will be leaving. However Colby and Justin ask Sarah about her opinions on keeping the two, and ousting Ashley. Sarah thinks that they should vote off one of the two guys before turning on their own, just for security. Ashley approaches Monica and asks her what the vote is tonight. Ashley expresses a weird feeling and says she has received a lot of glances from people, leading her to believe something's up. Monica tells her nothing's wrong, and that the vote will be either Ricky or Timothy. Sarah later talks to Monica and asks her, her opinion. Monica says voting Ashley will have its perks, and that it'll strengthen the tribe. Sarah cannot shake the feeling that it could be a bad idea. Ashley is voted off.

7 "She's A Sneak" - Justin

When Saboga returns to camp, the mood is light. Monica feels bad about lying to Ashley, but knows it was for the best. Ricky and Timothy are both shocked with the results, but say it's a welcomed surprise. Ricky states how crazy he thinks it is that nobody from the old Chapera tribe has been eliminated yet after the switch. Ricky also voices is concern that Cassatee could spill the beans on the romance, and have Celene ousted. Colby, Justin, and Sarah meet before bed. They're happy with the outcome, but Sarah is adiment about keeping Monica over at least one of the boys. Colby tries to tell her it's the best for strength, but Sarah wont have it. After she leaves the situation, Justin questions her loyalty to Colby. Justin thinks there's a reason she wants to keep Monica so badly.

(Mogo Mogo) Alexas asks Bianca to speak in private. Alexas asks her what the chances are that she'd be willing to flip over, and expresses that just a few days ago that Bianca was expendable to the people she is now with. Bianca answers honestly and tells Alexas that she doesn't think it would be smart for her. She tells her that she tried to talk game with her while Rachelle was still in the game, but was ignored. Alexas appologizes and tells her to consider at least. After working together for awhile, Greg and Jamar solidify a final 2 deal.

Mogo Mogo wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Sarah knows she needs to save her friend Monica, while Monica has no idea she is in trouble. She approaches Justin and Colby and asks what the verdict is, and they tell her she wont like it. Sarah asks them if there is anything she can do or say to change their minds. They appologize and tell her it's best for the team. Sarah accepts what they told her, but says she will not vote against Monica as she is a friend. Colby and Justin pull in Timothy and Ricky for support. Monica is voted off.

8 "She's Expendable" - Colby

(Saboga) Returning from Tribal Council, Sarah makes sure to appologize to Timothy right away for voting against him. She explains she knew he was safe, and that she couldn't vote against Monica. Timothy assures her that he understands and that it's completely okay. Sarah isn't sure if she made the right decision and hopes Timothy isn't lying to her about being okay with her vote. Colby and Justin talk in secret about Sarah and her loyalties. They find it flakey that she claimed to have no ties to Monica, but then turned around to say she didn't want to vote her friend out. Justin says Sarah's playing a little too sneaky, and the two agree they need to watch her.

At Mogo Mogo Cassatee and Celene devise plan 'befriend bianca' or B.B. for short. The two know Alexas has no chance of winning Bianca over, and therefor go to work themselves. They want to ensure they have the numbers moving forward. They approach Bianca and tell her that if she sides with them, she's nearly guaranteed to make it far into the merge. Bianca expresses that it's not personal, it's just that she is with people who have been open to getting to know her since the beginning. Celene appologizes that Alexas gave her the could shoulder, but believes game wise it makes sense. Cassatee says both Greg and Jamar need to go as Greg has already won, and Jamar was a fierce strategic player in his original season.

Mogo Mogo wins Immunity!

Justin and Colby know they hold all the power. They cannot decide if they should take out the obvious duo of Timothy and Ricky, or eliminate Sarah. Although Sarah is their ally, she has given them reason to doubt her recently. They can see pros and cons to keeping either side safe. Sarah approaches the boys to ask about the vote. With 10 contestants left after this vote, it's safe to say there will be a merge. Therefore Justin tells Sarah it would be smart to keep Ricky and vote off Timothy, as Timothy is a strong invidivual threat, Sarah agrees and leaves before Timothy and Ricky get suspicious. In a confessional Colby reveals it all comes down to how much they trust Sarah. Timothy is voted off.

9 "What Are The Odds?!" - Colby

It's top 10. 8 Castaways have been eliminated, and everyone is estatic about the upcoming merge. Both Tribes are brought onto a wide open beach. As they lined up, Jeff Probst congratulates them on making it half way through the game, and tells them to drop their buffs. They all cheer. Jeff then informs them they aren't merging just yet, in a Survivor first there is a twist and the tribes are being shuffled. Neither Justin or Colby look happy.

New Saboga Tribe: Greg, Sarah, Justin, Colby, Alexas

New Mogo Mogo Tribe: Celene, Ricky, Cassatee, Bianca, Jamar

(Saboga) Arriving at camp, Sarah, Justin, and Colby are elated about still being together. Colby cannot believe how perfectly it worked out for them. Greg and Alexas can both feel the vibe and know they're on the outs. Greg worries if they are to lose the challenge that he'd be the contestant to leave. Alexas is frusterated because she feels as if she always gets knocked backwards in the game. Alexas approaches Colby and tells him that if they are to lose that she is fully on board with what he wants to do. She throws Greg under the bus and says that he is running everything on the other side. Colby has flashbacks from his original season, after a similar circumstance, but struggles with the fact that he has played with Greg previously, and feels he can trust him.

Meanwhile at Mogo Mogo, Celene and Ricky run off into the woods to reunite. They share a kiss and Celene updates Ricky on everything. She tells him that they can trust Alexas and Cassatee, and that if they are to lose the upcoming challenge, they could vote out Jamar to use as leverage to get Bianca onto their side. Ricky is shocked with how things were going for the girls, as he was in a rough spot on his previous tribe. Jamar isn't happy about the tribe switch, and feels as though he's in trouble.

Mogo Mogo wins Immunity!

Returning to camp it's obvious either Alexas or Greg will be the person leaving. Sarah, Justin, and Colby have a quick pow-wow and determin that Greg would be the best person to vote off to eliminate a threat. Later Colby goes to Justin about the idea of keeping Greg. Colby elaborates that after being on the show with him before, Colby feels he can trust Greg. Colby says that Greg would be indebted to them. He then tells Justin about Alexas being quick to sell Greg out, and says she's untrustworthy. When the idea is brought to Sarah however, she is not so sure. She thinks Greg would turn on them and that he needs to be dealt with. Off to the side Justin asks Colby if he is 100% certain Greg is with them. Colby is truthful and says he isn't fully sure, but his gut tells him yes. On top of that he claims himself and Justin are a strong duo, and keeping Greg in the game could take the target off their backs. Colby says if they tell Greg to vote Alexas with them than Sarah's vote will not mater. Alexas is blindsided.

10 "Not Once, But Twice" - Cassatee

Justin, Colby, Sarah, Ricky, Celene, Cassatee, Jamar, Greg, and Bianca all successfully make the merge. Cassatee has a hard time believing she made it his far into the game for a second time. The 9 remaining contestants arrive to their new camp to a feast.  Justin opens the picnic basket to find a note. He reads it aloud and it instructs him to send 1 player to Exile. This person will live alone until after the next Tribal Council. They will not take part in the feast, but they'll be immune from the next elimination. Justin picks Colby in order to keep him safe. This move doesn't sit right with Sarah.

After the feast Sarah approaches Justin, and she is not happy. Justin and Colby had lied to her about the last vote, and now Justin saved Colby instead of herself, when they were the two who had worked together in their original season. Justin explains that he couldn't send Sarah because that would make it too obvious due to their past. Sarah exclaims that it's so deep into the game that everyone already knows who's with everyone. Justin tries to calm her down. He tells her they have the strongest alliance in the game, and the last thing they need now is for cracks to form.

Greg & Bianca win Immunity!

Arriving back to camp Justin and Sarah talk about elimination. They feel the smartest move might be Jamar. Sarah however brings up the fact that Celene and Ricky are a strong duo, and keeping someone like Jamar in the game keeps a target off Colby and Justin's backs. Ricky, Celene, and Cassatee talk about taking out Justin. Justin, Colby, and Sarah are without a doubt the strongest alliance in the entire game. With Colby immune Justin would be the logical choice. However as far as Jamar, Greg, and Bianca are concerned, it's a toss up. They see the physical threat that Justin poses, but they also see the bond that has formed between Ricky and Celene. Later that night, Justin approaches Greg. He reminds Greg how he was apart of saving him from the vote prior, and that he had hoped the loyalty was still there. Greg assure's him that he is safe, and that the smart vote would be for Celene, as she is a strategic threat. Justin is blindsided.

11 "I Got Played" - Colby

Arriving from Tribal Council, Sarah feels betrayed and alone. She had gone from one of the best positions in the game, to the near bottom. Every other person on the island in that moment seemed to be avoiding her like the plague. Celene and Ricky lie in the shelter, and Celene is confused as to why she was targetted. Greg keeps his distance for the rest of the night, after lying to Justin and Sarah, he wanted to stay out of sight, and out of mind.

In the morning Colby returned. Sarah greeted him and when he saw only Sarah, his heart dropped. Sarah hugs Colby and breaks the news to him that Justin was voted off. He is shocked and in disbelief. Sarah tells Colby how Greg had lied about the vote, and that they were the only ones the vote Celene. Colby runs his hands through his hair and thinks about his next move. Later on Colby joins Greg in the shelter and asks what happened. Greg replies by saying it was a majority vote, and there was nothing he could do. Greg tells Colby if he was truthful with Justin, that it would have only stirred things up, and put a target on him. Colby feels betrayed. They know each other from their prior season, and Colby had saved Greg on the promise of loyalty. Colby shakes Greg's hand and tells him he understands, but lets him know any truce they had is now gone. Greg tells Colby he understands.

Colby wins Immunity!

Colby breathes a sigh of relief as he returns to camp, knowing if he hadn't won Immunity, he would have likely been voted out. Sarah is on her own freaking out. Her alliance is now being targetted, and she is the only one vulnerable left. Colby tells Sarah they have two options. They could target the pairing of Celene and Ricky, or Greg. Sarah thinks Celene is the bigger threat as she has played a better game keeping herself out of trouble, but that Greg would be easier to have everyone else target. Greg, Jamar, and Bianca decide to throw their votes toward Sarah. Although Greg and Bianca consider that Celene might be the bigger threat. Greg knows that Sarah wont go down without a fight, and after burning Colby he feels as if he'd be the target. Greg approaches Celene and Ricky in an attempt to make a deal. He tells them that his alliance wont target his alliance, if they want to make a pact to take Sarah and Colby out of the game. They shake on it. Sarah then goes to the couple as well, and tries to sway them to vote out Greg. Celene and Ricky think through their options. Sarah is weaker than Greg. But together, Sarah and Colby are a strong duo. Greg may have his allies, but nothing compared to Sarah and Colby's bond. Ultimately Celene and Ricky decide the friendship needed to be broken. Sarah is voted out.

12 "Snakes, Rats, And Liars" - Colby

Returning to camp Colby mutters that everyone is nothing but snakes, rats, and liars. Celene speaks up and tells him that if he say something to say, to just man up and say it. All Colby says in return is that he hopes Greg's happy and can live with the kind of game he's playing. This causes Greg to fire black. Greg owns up to lying to Colby in the past, but claims to have no more responcibiltiy than anyone else in Sarah leaving. Greg announces to the group that all Colby is trying to do is make him a target. Bianca tries to defuse the situation as it is begining to make her uncomfrotable. In a confessional Bianca says she cannot stand drama, and that the game seems to be taking a turn to personal attacks.

The next morning, the mood is tense. Colby continues to wander around mumbling things under his breath about everyone left in the game, while everyone else just sits around quiet. Bianca is visibly disturbed by the situation. She later says in public that she strives to be a mature human being, and feels she has changed since her last Survivor appearance, and that she feels the current enviroment the game is in is unhealthy not only for herself, but for everyone involved. Bianca says if it wasn't so late into the game she would consider quiting.

Colby wins Immunity!

Returning to camp, Colby decides to have some fun. He boasts and brags about his immunity win. Colby makes sure to especially mention to Greg that their whole "lets get Colby out alliance" now has to turn on itself. Bianca loses her cool for a second and demands that Colby shut his mouth. Later on Greg, Jamar, Bianca and Colby gather to talk votes. They need 4, for a majority, and Greg is freaking out. He knows that Cassatee, Celene, and Ricky probably view himself as the biggest threat left in the game. With Colby almost guaranteed to be voting against him, it almost seems inevitable that he'll be leaving. Colby goes to Celene and Ricky. He tells them that he knows they're with Cassatee and that together he thinks they could do some damage. He says he is 1 person, while there is still another alliance of 3 in the game. He asks them if it makes sense to target him, which Ricky answered honestly as no. As he feared, Greg is voted out

13 "Are We On The Bottom?" - Bianca

Returning to camp, Bianca and Jamar aren't surprised, but they don't quite know where they stand. Is Colby with Celene, Ricky, and Cassatee, or was that a one time thing? Bianca confides in Jamar that she's stressed and scared. Jamar comforts her telling her that there's a way out of the situation that they're currently in, and they're going to find it. In a confessional Jamar reveals he hopes to use Bianca's weakness to at least beat her in an Immunity Challenge. Colby brings Cassatee, Celene, and Ricky together, and solidifies a final 4 alliance. Cassatee reveals in private that she cannot believe she is working with Colby.

The next morning Ricky and Celene are laying on the beach. They discuss how they cannot believe they have both made the final 6, together. They both agree however that if someone at this point is going to try to turn the tables on them, that it would be Colby. At the exact same moment, Colby asks Cassatee to go with him to get water. Along the way Colby asks Cassatee on her thoughts of forming an alliance within their alliance. Colby tells her Celene and Ricky ultimately have each others backs. Cassatee agree's. In a confessional Cassatee states she's not stupid, and she knows she's the third wheel. She says she may not necessarily like Colby a whole lot, but that she can tolerate him if it means she can win the million dollar prize.

Ricky wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Colby quickly whisps away with Cassatee. He asks her what her opinion would be on voting out Celene tonight, to break up the power couple. Cassatee hates the fact that it makes sense to her, because she has worked with them the entire game. On top of that she doesn't trust Colby, and feels he would be quick to turn on her. With a little coaching she says that she's on board to consider, but will need more convincing. Later on Colby goes up to Jamar and Bianca, and ask what they would think of voting out Celene, which came as a welcome surprise to the two of them, who thought they were done for. Cassatee knows eliminating Celene would be the best thing to do, but feels that she owes it to her to not let her be blindsided. Cassatee approaches Celene and Ricky and fills them in on the news of the flip. The two feel betrayed, and Celene begins to cry. Celene is mad, but appreciative that Cassatee filled her in so she wasn't surprised. Celene is eliminated.

14 "This Isn't Fun Anymore" - Ricky

"You're no better than Greg!", Ricky tells Cobly after betraying himself and Celene. Ricky is furious. He understands the game, but the fact that Colby had done that to him after the big deal he had made bout Greg going it to him, really made Ricky mad. Ricky reminded Colby that himself and Celene were the reason he was still in the game. He tells Jamar, Bianca, and Cassatee that he's betrayed almost every single person in this game, and that they're crazy if they think they'll get any loyalty out of him. In a confessional Colby says the heat from Ricky isn't the best, but he feels confident he can survive. Colby says he has dealt with worse in his two stints on Survivor, and he's always made it through. Bianca and Jamar talk by the water whole. Bianca compares the game to an insane asylum. She says she has never had so many ups and downs in her life. Jamar laughs it off, and says he can never tell if he's on the top, bottom, or in the middle of the pack in this game. Bianca says that's the good thing, there's always hope! But in the same aspect, to watch out because you can be knocked down quickly!

Colby wins Immunity!

Ricky is not happy about Colby's guaranteed safety. Jamar, Bianca, Cassatee, and Ricky all sit around the shelter. "Well, it's one of us tonight", Ricky says. Sitting around, Bianca nudges Jamar and points toward Ricky as if to say vote for him tonight. Bianca grabs Cassatee's attention using her eyes and carefully motions the same thing. Cassatee subtly gives the thumbs up. However in a confessional Cassatee says she's not so sure. She feels that even though she betrayed Ricky, he is her closest ally. She feels Jamar and Bianca would guaranteed take each other to the finals, and that she cannot trust Colby. Cassatee pulls Ricky aside and tells him that his name has come up. He's frusterated, but not surprised. Cassatee reassures him that it's not what she wants to do. Ricky says that it's useless. Ricky explains that Colby has it outfor him, and that he'd never vote for Jamar or Bianca. Ricky is voted out.

FINALE "Here I Stand.. Again." - Bianca

The final 4 arrive back at camp to find a feast awaiting them. Bianca is amazed she has made it so far into the competition, and has more drive than ever. In her last appearance this is where she was voted off, so she is determined to last longer this time. Unfortunately for Cassatee, she is unable to enjoy the final 4 celebrations. She is worried about her place within the tribe. She voted Ricky out with everyone else to maintain appearances, but she still cannot help but feel like she's the odd man out. Colby also feels the same way. He knows he has made mistakes, and stepped on toes. He was won a majority of the Individual Immunity Challenges, and knows he essentially needs to win his way to the final 2 to stand a chance. Jamar perhaps feels the most confident. Coming into Survivor: All Stars he knew he had a reputation, and decided to play more under the radar. Jamar knows he's not seen as a threat, he just worries about potential jury votes.. or lack there of.

Bianca wins Immunity!

Bianca is over the moon with her win, she arrives back to camp with a kick in her step. Bianca has accomplished one of her goals she set returning to Survivor, making final 3. Cassatee hugs her and then quickly walks off on her own. She sits on the beach trying to think through scenarios and she knows she is in trouble. Colby himself knows that he is in trouble too, and with no Immunity necklace, he feels as if he's the most vulnerable. Jamar and Bianca quickly connect and talk about the vote. They know it's a no brainer to vote out Colby, he's such a threat. Colby is voted out.

"Final 3!", Bianca lets out with a squeal. Neither Bianca, Cassatee, or Jamar can believe that they're still standing. Jamar expresses how cool it is that he's the last guy standing. Cassatee says in a private confessional that she has somewhat mentally checked out of the game. She says that making the final 3 gives her renewed hope, but she just doesn't believe she'll be the Survivor All Star. The next morning Bianca and Jamar give themselves a pep talk before the challenge. They've been working together for a majority of the game, and if one of them win the next challenge, they can successfully make it to the final 2 together.

Cassatee wins Immunity!

The final 3 are immediately rushed to Tribal Council. Cassatee casts her vote to eliminate. Jamar is voted out. She explains that she feels both Bianca and Jamar played under the radar games, but that she was afraid of Jamar's previous reputation.

Final Two: Bianca & Cassatee

Winner: Cassatee

Fan Favorite Award: Sarah

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Absorbed Tribes Switched
Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Finale
Eliminated: Brad Tie Natalie Rachelle Scott Troy Ashley Monica Timothy Alexas Justin Sarah Greg Celene Ricky Colby Jamar
Votes: 3I6Votes 2I5Votes 2I3Votes 4I6Votes 5I6Votes 3I7Votes 6I7Votes 4I6Votes 3I5Votes 5I5Votes 6I8Votes 6I8Votes 4I7Votes 4I6Votes 4I5Votes 3I4Votes 1I1Votes
Voter Vote
Cassatee Brad Timothy Timothy Troy Justin Sarah Greg Celene Ricky Colby Jamar
Bianca Rachelle Celene Justin Sarah Celene Celene Ricky Colby None
Jamar Rachelle Celene Justin Sarah Celene Celene Ricky Colby None
Colby Scott Ashley Monica Timothy Alexas Exiled Greg Greg Celene Ricky Jamar
Ricky Cassatee Natalie Timothy Ashley Monica Sarah Justin Sarah Greg Colby Jamar
Celene Cassatee Natalie Timothy Troy Justin Sarah Greg Colby
Greg Rachelle Celene Alexas Justin Sarah Celene
Sarah Scott Ashley Timothy Timothy Greg Celene Greg
Justin Scott Ashley Monica Timothy Alexas Celene
Alexas Bianca Troy Greg
Timothy Brad Cassatee None Ashley Monica Sarah
Monica Scott Ashley Timothy
Ashley Scott Ricky
Troy Rachelle Celene
Scott Ashley
Rachelle Bianca
Natalie Brad Timothy None
Brad Celene
  • In Episode 5 Cassatee played her Hidden Immunity Idol on Celene. Troy had the second highest amount of votes and was eliminated.
  • In the Finale Cassatee became the first contestant to make it to the Final 2 twice.
Jury vote
Finalist: Bianca Cassatee
Votes: 6-1
Juror Vote
Jamar Bianca
Colby Cassatee
Ricky Cassatee
Celene Cassatee
Greg Cassatee
Sarah Cassatee
Justin Cassatee
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