1 "I Don't Believe In Blindsides" - Brenden

18 Castaways arrive in the middle of the Brazilian jungle. The youngest, Kristin, and the oldest, Tina, are designated tribe leaders. They are to select 7 more tribemates to join them. 2 Castaways are about to be eliminated.

Amazonas: Kristin, Kerline, Zaharie, Natalie, Jamar, Brenden, Lloyd, and Troy.

Negro: Tina, Candice, Aaron, Douglas, Avery, James, Cassatee, and Laura.

Eliminated: Rebecca & Nate

Arriving at camp, Amazonas got right to work and everything ran quite smoothly. Natalie, Jamar, and Kristin formed an alliance together. Being the 3 youngest on the tribe, they didn't want to risk being picked off for being seen as weak. As a major fan of the show Troy know there should be an Immunity Idol somewhere around camp, and searches without luck.

Over at Negro everyone began whispering immediately while building their shelter. Douglas and Tina were singled out for being older and weaker than the rest. Aaron, James, and Cassatee formed their own secret alliance. Cassatee also put forward an effort to get close to Candice and Laura.

Negro wins Immunity!

Amazonas arrives back at camp ready to make the decision of who they should vote out. Natalie, Jamar, and Kristin immediately target Lloyd for being the oldest tribe member. Lloyd himself approaches Brenden with the idea of taking out Kristin, due to being the youngest. He felt she didn't contribute much to the team. Troy searches for the Idol just incase he finds himself in the hot seat. Kerline sees him running off. Being a fan of the show herself, she knows what he is doing. Before going to tribal Brenden voices the idea of voting out Kristin in an "open forum" type manor. He didn't like the idea of blindsides. This got himself into some hot water. At tribal council there was a tie between Kristin and Brenden. During the revote everyone unanimously voted off Brenden.

2 "Loose Lips Sink Ships" - Cassatee

(Amazonas) Returning to camp Troy believes the team needs some unity. He reveals he plays University football, and that he knows the importance of team building activites. Jamar feels like the whole thing is foolish. Kerline later approaches Troy about seeing him searching for the Idol. She assures him it's okay and that she wants to work with him, and find the Idol together. Troy agree's and thinks an alliance between two super fans could work out well.

Meanwhile and Negro, the tribe is beginning to become annoyed of Candice. Lazy around camp, and her gossiping is landing her in hot water. Cassatee worries that Candice could possibly reveal the close friendship between the two and Laura. Cassatee is afraid that could jeopardize her alliance with Aaron and James. Laura and Cassatee talk and discuss the possibility of voting out Candice over Tina or Douglas if they were to lose the immunity challenge.

Negro wins Reward.

Amazonas wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Tina and Douglas know they're in trouble. Laura approaches them about the idea of voting off Candice. They exclaim that they're on board with any plan that keeps them safe. Cassatee knows she just has to convince James and Aaron, which she doubts would be too hard. The two boys agree and Candice is voted out of the game.

3 "Don't Say That!" - Kerline

Troy expresses that out of all the seasons of Survivor he has seen, these two tribes seem the most evenly matched. He warns that it could turn out to be quiet the battle. Kerline later scolds him about voicing his Survivor knowledge. She's worried that could be viewed as threatening and doesn't want to see him become targetted. Lloyd and Zaharie reveal in confessionals they both feel like outsiders.

at Negro, Laura feels bad about the betrayal of her friend, Candice. Cassatee reassures her it was the right thing to do. Tina is revealed about the vote, but knows she is still in the hot seat if they were to lose another Immunity challenge. Instead of aligning with Douglas she deicdes to align with some of the stronger players in hopes of keeping her name out of the elimination roster, and begins to spend time with James and Aaron, who she views as the two strongest guys in the game.

Amazonas wins Reward.

Negro wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Kristin is quick to pull Jamar and Natalie aside for game talk. She doesn't want another close call at Tribal Council again. They once again set their sights on Lloyd. Lloyd and Zaharie sit next to the fire and discuss their options. They agree Troy or Kristin would be their best bet at convincing the rest of the tribe to keep them. Their efforts are of no use, and Lloyd is voted off of the island.

4 "His Head Is Mine" - Kristin

Kristin is frusterated about her name once again coming up at Tribal Council. She knows by the process of elimination it was more than likely Zaharie who casted the second vote against her, and vowes to end his game. Jamar worries that maybe Kristin is too young and immature for this game. He hopes she realizes she needs to play the game and not make it personal.

Tina's plan to warm up to James and Aaron seems to be going well. With her jokes and constant food, they seem to enjoy her company. Laura points out the sudden connection, and Cassatee says she knows exactly what she's doing. Cassatee wants to vote Tina out next. Laura tries to reason with her that Douglas is the bigger liability. Secretly, Cassatee doesn't want to be replaced within her own alliance.

Negro wins Reward.

Amazonas wins Immunity!

Tina is nervous, but has faith her relationship with the boys could help her out. She plans to write Douglas' name down and hopes everyone else does the same. Laura wants to write down Douglas too, but Cassatee tries to talk her out of it. Laura in private says she thinks Cassatee is playing extremely stupid. In private Cassatee reveals however that she is just afraid that Tina could worm her way in with the boys. She doesn't want to be dropped or have Tina find out about and expose their alliance. The boys disagree with Cassatee's idea. Douglas is the fourth person to be eliminated.

5 "Way Too Paranoid" - James

Kerline spends most of her day on the beach thinking. She knows Zaharie is on the outs, and that she's with Troy. She figures it only makes sense if Natalie, Jamar, and Kristin are aligned. This fact makes her anxious and she talks to Troy about giving their word to Zaharie. He agree's, and they gain Zaharie's loyalty. After being targetted twice now, Kristin is on edge. She says Kerline's emotions read all through her body language. She knows that she is up to something and is getting paranoid.

Tina feels super successful in her mission. Cassatee becomes worried about James', and Aaron's outward support of Tina and decides to be honest with them. They reassure her that she has nothing to worry about, and that Tina just contributes more around camp than what Douglas did. Cassatee feels eased, but still wants to see Tina leave at the next Tribal Council.

Amazonas wins Reward.

Amazonas wins Immunity!

Negro is heading to their second Tribal in a row. Tina is feeling the heat a little more than she was this time last round. She doesn't want to seem desprate by scrambling, so she decides to prove her worth by fishing, and making supper for her tribe mates. James and Aaron discuss ousting Avery. They view him as just as weak as Tina, yet she does more for camp life. They bring this up to Cassatee and she gets visibly frusterated. They promise her that if they are to lose another challenge that it would be Tina leaving the island. Avery is voted off.

6 "It's All About The Numbers" - Troy

Troy tries to encourage his tribe and keep the moral high. If their tribe can win one more immunity, they'll have the numbers advantage entering the merge. Natalie views Troy's constant pep talks annoying, and fake. She discusses the possibility of voting him off next with Jamar. He says the idea is interesting as the next phase of the game is individual, and he could pose a threat.

Cassatee wants to ensure Tina's elimination, and approaches Laura. Cassatee over exagerates the loyalties she believes James and Aaron have to her, to try to earn Laura's support. Laura is tired of her constant Tina slandering, and approaches Tina with the news of how hard Cassatee is against her. Tina is caught off guard and doesn't know why she'd want her out so badly.

Negro wins Reward.

Negro wins Immunity!

As much as Troy hates going to Tribal Council, as a fan he is beyond excited. Both tribes are entering merge with even numbers. This has never happened before! Natalie, Kristin and Jamar talk in private. Natalie brings up the possibility of voting off Troy. Kristin quickly shoots it down and brings up Kerline. Jamar thinks it would be smart to talk both idea's through thoroughly. Troy and Kerline are talking and Zaharie quickly joins. They bring up Kristin's name but worry that it might be too obvious. If an Idol is involved it would likely be played on her as they have constantly targetted her. Natalie knows they need Zaharie's support, and decides to do her best to work him. She spends a majority of the afternoon with him hanging out, swimming, talking, and flirting. Kristin is impressed and feels good about the chances. Natalie talks to him about voting off Troy. She says Kerline and Troy will always have each others backs instead of his. She lies and says she feels the same way about Kristin and Jamar, and that they could make a move for final 2. Kerline sees the two talking and is quick to come and join their conversation, acting innocent. At tribal council Zaharie flips, Troy is voted out.

7 "Saving Grace" - Kerline

Kerline, Zaharie, Natalie, Jamar, Kristin, Tina, Laura, Cassatee, Aaron, and James have all made the merge! Feeling like she has no strong allies at the moment, Kerline is on high alert. She knows at this stage during the merge celebration, there has been Immunity Idol clues hidden before. The group has lunch and goes for a swim. There's a cooler of beer that's only half empty, and Kerline searches it only to find the clue at the bottom. Cassatee, Laura, Tina, James, and Aaron all talk about how they have to remain 5 strong, even if it means drawing rocks. They need to maintain their numbers lead. Tina worries about how she's supposed to trust Cassatee, after find out how hard she campaigned against her.

Cassatee wins Immunity!

Returning from the challenge nobody knew what the heck was going to happen. Natalie's nervous due to the likely tie happening tonight. She knows if anyone switches their vote, that side will be demolished. If they have to draw rocks, she worries she might get eliminated. Kerline approaches the former Amazonas tribe. She confesses she has no alligance over there, and that she'd rather work with them. Kerline hopes that if a final 6 scenario played out, they'd turn on each other to take out threat rather than kicking her out. They don't know if they can trust her. They tell her to vote Natalie, who they had no intentions of voting for. This way the vote should play out 5-4-1. If this works, Kerline will gain their trust. Kerline follows with the fake vote she was given while the former Amazonas tribe votes together. Kristin is eliminated in a shocking tribal council.

8 "I'm Supposed To Trust A Liar" - Laura

Zaharie, Natalie, and Jamar are shocked Kristin was voted off. They know immediately it was Kerline that flipped. Jamar approaches Kerline to reassure her that she has their trust, and that it was just a test of loyalty. She promises she understands, and she's glad that they're willing to move forward with her. Laura wonders how she can trust a girl who sold out her tribe so quickly. Kerline decides to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol with the clue she had found during the merge. She finds it.

Aaron wins Reward.

Aaron wins Immunity!

Kerline and Cassatee talk on the beach. Kerline thinks the best idea is to eliminate Jamar. She views him as a strategic and physical threat. Cassatee informs Kerline that there's been serious discussion about each Jamar, Zaharie, and Natalie leaving. Jamar has a quick pow-wow with Natalie and they wonder if they can get the Amazonas alliance to flip on Kerline using the "untrustworthy" motive. Natalie suggests they could fake an Idol. They figure it's worth a shot and put their plan into motion. They see Laura, Kerline, and Tina lounging on the beach. They sneak into the woods down along the end near the beach, Jamar continues walking a little further. He tries to make sure he's in a clearing where they can slightly see him. He watches them out of the corner of his eye until he knows they have spotted him. "They're looking for the Idol!" Laura says. Kerline doesn't worry knowing she has it, but doesn't want to reveal that fact. Once he knows he knows he has their attention, Jamar points as if he has found it, pretends to pick it up, and runs into the bushes toward Natalie out of sight. They watch the three on the beach in secret hoping it works. Tina and Laura are freaking out. Kerline considers speaking up, but doesn't want to risk it. Kerline along with the rest of the Amazonas alliance decide to vote for Zaharie as he is least likely to have them give it to him. Zaharie is voted out of the game.

9 "I Know It's A Game, But..." - Natalie

Natalie feels awful. "We should've known", she says to Jamar. Now Zaharie is out of the game, and it ultimately all comes down on her, or so she feels. She persueded him to their alliance, she also planned the fake idol strategy. She knows it's a game but feels bad about directly ending a "good kids" chances for the million dollars. James and Aaron talk about picking off Jamar and Natalie. They say it's obvious Kerline is after that, but then talk about the possibility of flipping on Cassatee. Final 4 would be much easier for themselves facing Laura and Tina.

Kerline wins Reward. She shares it with James.

Natalie wins Immunity!

Natalie knows she needs a plan. With Kerline jumping ship, and her having immunity, Jamar is on the edge of losing the game. Jamar says not to worry about him, and if it's his time to work her hardest. Natalie voices they think they have an Idol. She wants to use that information into fooling them into thinking Jamar will play it. Jamar says it's worth a shot. They agree that their best chance is probably getting them to vote off Kerline. Jamar approaches Laura (knowing she saw the Idol search), and asks if there was a chance they'd vote off Kerline since she was ultimately untrustworthy. He doesn't want to mention the Idol, he assumes it's more realistic that if he had it, he'd keep it to himself. Laura says it's an interesting thought, and that she'll carry the information back to those who need to hear it. They're successful, Kerline is blindsided.

10 "Flip It On 'Em" - Cassatee

They're happy with their progress, but Natalie and Jamar know they don't have all the time in the world. Cassatee thinks it might be time to start taking out some former Amazonas members. She talks to Laura, and to her surprise Cassatee brings up Aaron and James instead of Tina. Cassatee worries that if they were to go to the end with the two boys that they'd easily overpower the women. Laura says it's an interesting scenario, and that if they wanted to attempt it, they knew for sure Natalie and Jamar would be on board.

Cassatee wins Reward.

Laura wins Immunity!

Cassatee approaches Jamar and Natalie about picking off James and Aaron. Completely shocked, they say they'd be 100% on board with ousting the two biggest physical threats. Natalie and Jamar laugh in private. They think it's completely stupid for them to turn on each other. Laura starts to have her own doubts about the plan, which frusterates Cassatee. Cassatee needs Laura to have the numbers. Laura says that maybe the next Tribal Council, and that they should consider voting off Natalie. Laura feels Natalie is the biggest threat in the game, calling her a smart, tough girl. Cassatee is growing tired of constantly having her idea's shut down by others. Natalie is voted out that night.

11 "Should've Bit Your Tongue" - Cassatee

Jamar is the last member of Negro standing. He finds that to be an exciting fact, but fears gravely for his place in the game.Cassatee asks Laura about moving onto James or Aaron. Laura worries that Jamar is a threat. Laura explains he's got all his friends on jury, he's good in compeititions, and he's smart. Cassatee gets mad and points out how not once in his game has she been listened to. She says she's tired of constantly being shut down. Laura says she's telling her this as a friend, but that she's been playing very badly, and that her allies have been looking out for her best interest. In private Cassatee vents her frusterations. Laura had insulted her and Cassatee perclaims that, that is not something she should have done.

Tina wins Reward. She shares it with Aaron.

Jamar wins Immunity!

Jamar is safe, and the Amazonas alliance is thrown into a tailspin. They now have to turn on one of their members. Cassatee doesn't know who she'd want to see go. She voices her dislike for Tina and Laura, and that she thinks James and Aaron are threats. Tina worries she could be in the hot seat, and considers trying to take out Cassatee before she can do the same to her. James and Aaron know the girls are high strung, and all have loyalties to them. They plan on letting the women come to them with what they want to do. Cassatee goes to James and Aaron, and mentions Laura's name. Cassatee says in a confessional that Laura crossed and insulted her, and wants pay back. She says Laura doesn't think highly of her, therefore wouldn't think twice before turning. Cassatee tells James and Aaron that Laura is the strongest out of Tina and Laura, and therefore it would be smart to send her packing. Laura is voted out of the game.

11 "One Last Push" - Jamar

The game is winding down, only Tina, Jamar, Cassatee, James, and Aaron remain. This close to the end Jamar doesn't want to give up. He approaches Tina and Cassatee about the idea of making a run to the final 3 together. He voices that Aaron and James have become quick buddies, and would guaranteed take each other to the final 2. Cassatee reveals in a confessional that she knows that they'd take her to final 3, and that she's confident she could win the final immunity challenge.

Tina wins Reward.

Tina wins Immunity!

Tina is estatic. She was the oldest competitor of the season, and she just won immunity guaranteeing herself a spot in the finale. Cassatee is confident that, that means the plan is Jamar tonight. James and Aaron confirm. Before Tribal Council Jamar goes to Tina and Cassatee and tries to convince them to vote out one of the boys with him. He even says they can choose which one they vote off. Cassatee perks. Maybe going with Jamar would be the right thing to do? If he's willing to let her make decisions he might be the best ally around. This way she can make him do things for her game, and not have others shut her down. Cassatee talks to Tina alone. Tina confesses in private that she thinks Cassatee is extremely immature, and that she always needs thigns to be her way. She says that she thinks Cassatee has a lot of growing up to do, but that breaking up the boys might be the best thing to do. Tina and Cassatee flip and vote with Jamar. Aaron is Eliminated.

Finale "I Can't Believe It" - Jamar

Tina, Cassatee, James, and Jamar all are still standing in the finals. "What an odd final 4!", Tina exclaims. They decide to take a night off from the game and enjoy their acheivement. James is confused. He made himself a final 3 deal day 1 with Aaron and Cassatee. Cassatee had clearly broken her word. He felt alone and assumes Tina and Cassatee made a deal with Jamar. James finds it so ironic the amount of times he saved Tina from Cassatee, only to have this happen. He talks to them both in private and they reassure him that they're still with him, and that they only wanted to break him away from Aaron. James doesn't believe them, and wants to win immunity to guarantee his spot.

Cassatee wins Immunity!

James devises a plan to save himself. He approaches Jamar and tells him that Cassatee and Tina are playing both sides to take each other to final 2. He says that he knows a way to guarantee they both stay, as long as he votes how he's told. James then talks to Cassatee and asks what she thinks about voting out Tina. Cassatee expresses she wants to, but doesn't know if after recent events if it would be best for her game. James tells her Tina would beat any of them against a Jury, except Jamar. He says they both need to go and that they should continue working together. Tina is voted out.

James is once again in the best spot in the game. Cassatee is with him for the final 2, and Jamar thinks they all have a pact. James talks to Cassatee to ensure that Jamar is the next to go. Cassatee says he has to because he has the most amount of friends on the jury.

Cassatee wins Immunity!

They are then rushed to Tribal Council. Jamar is the final castaway voted out.

Final Two: Cassatee & James

Winner: James

Fan Favorite Award: Natalie

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Finale
Eliminated: Tie Brenden Candice Lloyd Douglas Avery Troy Kristin Zaharie Kerline Natalie Laura Aaron Tina Jamar
Votes: 4I8Votes 6I6Votes 7I8Votes 5I7Votes 6I7Votes 5I6Votes 4I6Votes 5I10Votes 6I9Votes 7I8Votes 5I7Votes 5I6Votes 3I5Votes 3I4Votes 1I1Votes
Voter Vote
James Candice Douglas Avery Kristin Zaharie Kerline Natalie Laura Jamar Tina None
Cassatee Candice Douglas Avery Kristin Zaharie Kerline Natalie Laura Aaron Tina Jamar
Jamar Brenden Brenden Lloyd Troy James Kerline Kerline James Laura Aaron Tina None
Tina Candice Douglas Avery Kristin Zaharie Kerline Natalie Laura Aaron Jamar
Aaron Candice Douglas Avery Kristin Zaharie Kerline Natalie Laura Jamar
Laura Candice Douglas Avery Kristin Zaharie Kerline Natalie Tina
Natalie Brenden Brenden Lloyd Troy James Kerline Kerline James
Kerline Kristin Brenden Lloyd Natalie Natalie Zaharie Jamar
Zaharie Brenden Brenden Kristin Troy James Kerline
Kristin Brenden None Lloyd Troy James
Troy Kristin Brenden Lloyd Natalie
Avery Candice Douglas Tina
Douglas Candice Tina
Lloyd Kristin Brenden Kristin
Candice Tina
Brenden Kristin None
Jury vote
Finalist: Cassatee James
Votes: 4-3
Juror Vote
Jamar James
Tina James
Aaron James
Laura James
Natalie Cassatee
Kerline Cassatee
Zaharie Cassatee
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