1 "Fantastic Four!" - Etan

On Day 1, both tribes are forced to elect a leader. Prix elects Johnathan, while Travail decides on their tribes eldest member, Sheryl.

At Prix, Danielle, Etan, Johnathan, and Anderson form the seasons first alliance almost immediately upon hitting the beach. Danielle plans to become friends with Shelby to give them the majority, securing them all through until the merge. As leader, Johnathan's bossy side comes out angering some of his fellow tribemates, causing his alliance to already question him.

Meanwhile things are running much more smoothly at Travail. Sheryl is handling the leader position very well. Helen, being the only other mother on the tribe, is estatic about Sheryl's position. She knows being older causes her to be a target, so having the other older woman on the tribe in a leader position paints much more of one on Sheryl than herself. Helen, Ricky, and Alexas form their tribes first alliance while out gathering firewood.

Prix wins Immunity!

Upon returning to camp the general consensis is that Sheryl will be voted off. Helen approaches Sheryl about creating their own side alliance, targetting Sheana the weakest of the young girls. Helen knows once Sheryl is gone she is more likely to be targetted. Before Tribal Council, Donny angers his tribemates by wasting too much rice. Donny ultimately becomes the first castaway to leave the game.

2 "Hidden Agenda" - Ricky

That night at Prix Danielle begins sucking up to Shelby, with hopes of using her for her vote. Ericka overhears their conversation and reports it back to Etan, not knowing he already knows what's going on. Ericka voices her concerns about Danielle and feels that she should be the next to go. Etan reports this information back to the Fantastic Four Alliance (Danielle, Etan, Johnathan, and Anderson)

At Travail, returning from Tribal Council Sheryl is feeling great after dodging the bullet. Ricky, Helen, and Alexas conspire and Ricky reveals he would like to see Sheryl leave next, Alexas agrees. Helen tries to throw Sheana under the bus which raises red flags to Ricky.

Travail wins Reward!

Travail wins Immunity!

Heading to Tribal Council Danielle immediately targets Ericka. She knows Ericka wants her out, and wants to eliminate any threat directly to her. Johnathan likes the idea, and feels Ericka is the teams weakest link. Ericka approaches Etan about voting off Danielle, and then targetting Shelby next. In the end Danielle gets her way and Ericka is the second person voted off.

3 "Sinking Ship" - Jenni

At Prix, the Fantastic Four feel accomplished. They now hold the majority vote, and should be safe cruising forward. Danielle is elated about eliminating her only threat. Jenni feels like she's an outsider within her tribe, and approaches Stephen who she also feels hasn't been involved in conversations. The two agree that they're on the outs and need to come up with a plan and quick.

Travail is in high spirits. Camp life is well, they won Immunity, nothing could be better. Ricky pulls Alexas aside to talk about Helen. Ricky voices his opinions that something's just not right, but Alexas trusts her and thinks that he's just being paranoid. She assures him that they'll be able to convince her to vote off Sheryl, if they can't, then they'll start to worry.

Prix wins Reward!

Travail wins Immunity!

Prix is frusterated with their second win in a row. Johnathan's concerned that it could be the start of a trend. The Fantastic Four decide that Jenni is the weakest and needs to go. Jenni herself approaches Etan with the idea of possibly voting out Shelby. Jenni knows from paying attention that Danielle, Etan, Johnathan, and Anderson are together, so Shelby is her only chance. Jenni's efforts are futile and she is the third person to leave the island.

4 "Mean Girl" - Etan

At Prix Shelby is curious why Jenni and Stephen decided to vote her out, and calls him out. He tries to play it cool and explains it was all in Jenni's plan. He lies and says that he was under the impression it was himself leaving, and Jenni said the plan would work to keep him. Shelby doesn't believe him and is extremely angery. Etan doesn't like the way Shelby is treating Stephen and feels she is a bit of a bully.

Travail is hoping to ride the wave of success right to the merge, to be able to pick Prix off one-by-one. Helen feels like there could be trouble ahead, and approaches Sheana about joining her and Sheryl's underdog alliance. Sheana agree's and the three discuss the possibility of voting off Ricky due to his distrust.

Prix wins Reward!

Travail wins Immunity!

The castaways return to camp and Shelby is noticeably irritable about the third consecuative loss. Shelby checks in with Danielle and she assure's her that Stephen is the one leaving tonight. However when Danielle meets up with her Fantastic Four alliance Etan brings up the idea of ousting Shelby for her attitude. Anderson agree's, Johnathan is wishy-washy on the idea, and Danielle straight up shuts it down. Danielle once again gets her way, and Stephen is the fourth person to be eliminated.

5 "I Don't Trust Him" - Alexas

With two more rounds before the merge, and only one member of their tribe not in their alliance, Johnathan approaches Anderson and Etan about the possibility of forming an all guys alliance within the Fantastic Four. This way next they can vote off Shelby, and then Danielle if they have to, guaranteeing they all make merge. Etan likes the idea and thinks Danielle is controlling the game. Anderson also joins in on the idea.

At Travail, life is good. The contestants are treating the game as if it's a beach resort. Christian becomes annoyed with Alexas as he feels she's starting to do less and less around camp. Alexas voices her concern about Thomas to Ricky, saying she doesn't know where his head is at.

Travail wins Reward!

Prix wins Immunity!

The game snaps back into reality as Prix is faced with Tribal Council after an impressive winning streak. Alexas and Ricky approach Helen about voting off Sheryl, their weakest member. Sheana and Sheryl then approach Helen about voting off Ricky. Christian and Thomas come up with their own plan of targetting Alexas. They approach Ricky, who then tells Alexas. They flip the plan, which then Helen tells her Underdog alliance to avoid exposing their existance. Christian is voted off.

6 "Bamboozled" - Thomas

Danielle and Shelby continue to bond, and Danielle wavers on whether or not switching sides would be best for her.

At Travail Thomas is shocked and looking for answers. He has no idea how the vote was flipped. Ricky tells him that Alexas is weaker and easier to beat heading into the merge, and that they were afraid He'd tell Christian, causing a blow up.

Travail wins Reward!

Travail wins Immunity!

At the beach Danielle is a little sad that the time has come to vote off her friend, Shelby. Meanwhile Anderson, Johnathan, and Etan have their own discussion about taking out a bigger threat. That person being Danielle. They decide though to stick with the Fantastic Four going forward, and with a unanimous vote Shelby leaves the game.

7 "It's Game Changing" - Danielle

The two tribes merge and everyone is excited! Helen, Sheryl, and Sheana express their shock to make the merge, but are excited about being perceived as a nonthreat. The Fantastic Four are worried that the old Travail tribe will pick them off. Danielle finds a clue to the first ever Hidden Immunity Idol. She decides to keep his information to herself and looks for it in private.

Sheryl wins Immunity!

Sheryl immediately regrets her win. She knows she was safe and worries his jeopardizes her appearances. It seems obvious a member of the Fantastic Four will be going home, and Danielle hurries into the jungle to search for the Idol. Johnathan is most worried as he is the biggest physical threat. Former Prix targets Sheana, while Travail throws the Fantastic Four a curve balls and votes off Anderson.

8 "Keeping A Watchful Eye" - Ricky

Feeling more doomed than ever, Danielle wonders if she should share the Hidden Immunity Idol clue with Etan, and Johnathan in hopes of finding it. The Travail 6 seem thick as anything. Sheana is confused and hurt that the vote was for her. She gets emotional and confides in Sheryl who assures her it's just a game. Alexas and Ricky begin to doubt Helen and her loyalties.

Thomas wins Reward!

Sheana wins Immunity!

After returning to camp Sheryl, Sheana, and Helen joke about switching their alliance name from the underdogs. Helen is thrilled that both of them now are bigger targets than herself. Danielle decides not to tell Etan and Johnathan about the Idol, but once again has an unsuccessful search. However as she heads back to camp she decides to check one more location and finds the Hidden Immunity Idol! At Tribal Council Travail votes for who they think the biggest strategic threat is, Danielle. She plays the Idol and former Prix's 3 votes are enough for a majority. Sheryl is voted off.

9 "Too Sneaky" - Johnathan

8 remain, so they celebrate making it half way and not being one of the first 8 to leave. They finish of the wine they had left over from the Merge celebration and go to bed. The next morning Etan and Johnathan confront Danielle about the Idol. She tells them about the clue, and told them she didn't think they had to know since they couldn't all use it. Etan and Johnathan begin to distrust Danielle. Sheana and Helen are shocked about Sheryl's departure. Sheana worries that she could be next. Ricky and Alexas discuss the pros and cons of aligning with Etan, Johnathan, and Danielle in order to eliminate Helen, who they view as a rising powerhouse.

Etan wins Reward! He shares it with Ricky and both use the time to talk game.

Sheana wins Immunity!

Upon returning to camp Helen confronts Sheana about winning another challenge despite her worries. Sheana reveals she wanted to throw it but got nervous and won in fear she might go home. Helen discusses trying to take Danielle out of the game again, while Ricky talks to Alexas about the reward get away. He reveals that if they wanted to go ahead with their jumping ship plan, the Prix 3 would be all for it. Alexas gets scared and goes to Helen, Thomas, and Sheana about Ricky's betrayal. Sheana uses this moment to take the target off her back and place it on Alexas by telling Ricky about Alexas selling him out. Ricky then goes to Sheana, Thomas, and Helen about turning the tables on Alexas who was proving to be untrustworthy. Ironically enough Alexas decided joining Danielle, Etan, and Johnathan would be the best to do. In the end the vote was tied between Thomas, and Alexas. After the revote Ricky decided to stick by his game long friend and Thomas was the ninth person to be voted out.

10 "Her Time Has Come" - Ricky

Coming back to camp things are awkward. Sheana and Helen feel they're on the outside. Danielle, Etan, and Johnathan think Alexas and Ricky are with them. When in reality Alexas and Ricky are unsure where they are with each other let alone the rest of the castaways. Alexas feels this has become anyones game, and has really set herself back with her eagerness.

Helen wins Reward!

Helen wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Helen is releived feeling she saved herself. Sheana is clearly very upset. She cries to Helen about how she has no chance and does not want to go home. Helen approaches Ricky about getting him and Alexas to switch back over. He talks about the possibility of ousting Danielle, feeling a lot of problems in this game stem from her. Helen agrees and Ricky and Alexas jump ship again. Danielle is the next person to leave the game.

11 "Given Up Too Much" - Johnathan

Johnathan's starting to get worried. He has come a long way in the game and doesn't want to go home now. Ricky and Alexas have proven to be extremely wishy washy in the game, and hope to get them to flip one more time. Etan pokes around with the idea of getting Helen and Sheana to flip with them to take out either Ricky or Alexas. They've been in control the whole game and it would be dangerous to let them go to the end.

Helen wins reward and invites Etan to share since he has yet to win anything.

Sheana wins Immunity!

Alexas and Ricky stick with Helen and Sheana. Johnathan is the eleventh person to be voted off.

12 "Everyone's A Liar" - Helen

Etan expressing having no more fight. He knows if he doesn't win this next Immunity Challenge that he's a goner. Helen and Sheana talk about how Ricky and Alexas need to go because one of them would surely win the game.

Sheana wins Reward.

Ricky wins Immunity!

Returning to camp Etan confronts Helen and Sheana about the possibility of voting out Alexas. He lies and says Ricky and Alexas approached him about blindsiding Alexas. They tell him to his face they're down with the plan, but behind his back question the sincereity. In the end they compare notes with Ricky and Alexas. Etan gets voted out.

Finale "We Did It" - Alexas

The final 4 celebrate their feat, but things quickly swing into game mode. Ricky and Alexas have noticed over the passed few weeks Helen has gotten closer and closer to Sheana. They approach Helen and remind her of their Final 3 alliance they made Day 1. Helen reassures them everything's okay. To Make sure she stays true Ricky threatens her telling her they'd be willing to draw rocks, and ask her if she's willing to take that risk. This angers Helen.

Helen wins Immunity!

With Immunity Helen debates risking Sheana's life in the game by drawing rocks, but at Tribal Council she sticks to her first alliance, and Sheana is sent to Jury.

Alexas, Helen, and Ricky celebrate being the final 3. Their pact from Day 1 worked. They mutually agree it's fair game from this point on, but Helen is skeptical. She knows Alexas and Ricky have been close the entire game and wonder if this is a ruse.

Helen wins Immunity!

The castaways are then rushed to Tribal Council. Helen is about to finally break up Alexas and Ricky. Helen casts her sole vote and Ricky is the last person to join the jury.

Final Two: Alexas & Helen

Winner: Helen

Fan Favorite Award: Sheryl

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Finale
Eliminated: Donny Ericka Jenni Stephen Christian Shelby Anderson Sheryl Tie Thomas Danielle Johnathan Etan Sheana Ricky
Votes: 7I8Votes 7I8Votes 5I7Votes 5I6Votes 5I7Votes 4I5Votes 6I10Votes 3I3Votes* 4I8Votes 4I6Votes 4I7Votes 4I6Votes 4I5Votes 3I4Votes 1I1Votes
Voter Vote
Helen Donny Christian Anderson Danielle Alexas Alexas Danielle Johnathan Etan Sheana Ricky
Alexas Donny Christian Anderson Danielle Thomas None Danielle Johnathan Etan Sheana None
Ricky Donny Christian Anderson Danielle Alexas Thomas Danielle Johnathan Etan Sheana None
Sheana Donny Christian Anderson Danielle Alexas Alexas Danielle Johnathan Etan Ricky
Etan Ericka Jenni Stephen Shelby Sheana Sheryl Thomas Thomas Sheana Ricky Alexas
Johnathan Ericka Jenni Stephen Shelby Sheana Sheryl Thomas Thomas Sheana Ricky
Danielle Ericka Jenni Stephen Shelby Sheana Sheryl Thomas Thomas Sheana
Thomas Donny Alexas Anderson Danielle Alexas None
Sheryl Donny Christian Anderson Danielle
Anderson Ericka Jenni Stephen Shelby Sheana
Shelby Ericka Jenni Stephen Johnathan
Christian Donny Alexas
Stephen Ericka Shelby Shelby
Jenni Ericka Shelby
Ericka Danielle
Donny Sheryl
  1. In Episode 8, Danielle played her Hidden Immunity Idol sending home the Castaway with the next highest amount of votes, Sheryl.
Jury vote
Finalist: Alexas Helen
Votes: 6-1
Juror Vote
Ricky Alexas
Sheana Helen
Etan Helen
Johnathan Helen
Danielle Helen
Thomas Helen
Sheryl Alexas
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